Congratulations on the New Year of 2017 Rooster colleagues work - the official texts in prose. Cool congratulations for colleagues for 2017 Rooster in verses, postcards

PNGK-001Up to 1492 in Russia, New Year was celebrated on March 1. Then, due to various circumstances, the significant date shifted to September 1. And only in 1700, with the light hand of the tsar-reformer Peter I, they began to celebrate the holiday on the night of December 31 to January 1. The tradition has taken root and preserved to our days. And today, on the last day of December, children and adults are immersed in a joyful whirlpool of fun and gladly gather around the Christmas tree, waiting for everyone’s coming New Year.

A bright, optimistic atmosphere reigns not only in homes, but also in offices, shops, banks, shopping centers, enterprises and organizations. Employees convey cheerful, cool congratulations on the New Year 2017 to their colleagues in verse, send official words to the leadership in prose and give each other colorful themed postcards with the kindest, sincere and touching wishes for peace, happiness and prosperity in the coming 2017 of the Rooster .

Beautiful congratulations on the New Year 2017 of the Rooster to colleagues in verse

It is possible to congratulate colleagues on the occasion of New Year 2017 in an extraordinary and original way with beautiful, touching poems. Short greetings from a couple of verses, and long lyric poems dedicated to the arrival of the new year and related events will be appropriate here. Rhymed lines of congratulations must be very well memorized, and then recited aloud to the whole team. The most suitable moment for this is the beginning of a corporate party on the occasion of the coming of the Year of the Rooster, when all the colleagues present are just seated at the festive table.


If the event takes place in the office, you can simply go to the center of the room and read the beautiful and inspirational greeting in verse loudly with an expression. When the celebration is celebrated in a restaurant, it is worth agreeing with the leader and at the right moment to go up to the stage to the microphone to greet colleagues with bright, memorable rhymes.


After the verse is read, do not rush and immediately leave the scene. It is better to linger for 2-3 minutes and in your own words once again congratulate your colleagues on the coming year of the Rooster and wish them all the best. Such a “lyrical digression” will dilute the formality of the situation and give the celebration a tinge of humanity. The more pleasant words and sincere congratulations sound from the stage, the warmer the atmosphere in the team will be, and the colleagues will start to treat each other more friendly and cordially.


Let the New Year bring you
Prosperity and income.
Let success,
So as not to know anything interference.

May health be strong
The mind is enlightened, clingy,
In the world - the world, and in families - harmony.
Increases all wages.

A lot of strength and optimism,
Travel and tourism,
In the souls - sunny weather.
All colleagues, Happy New Year!


Happy New Year
You, colleagues and friends,
And I wish that we lived
Together, as one family.

Let luck be near
Together with us a whole year
Salary will increase
And let our income grow.

To have one team
We went confidently forward.
New Year is at the start,
It gives everyone good luck.


Colleagues, Happy New Year congratulations!
And if in the old something did not come true,
Desire plank we do not detract,
So podnaprygsya Grandfather Frost.

The coming year will be fine,
The graph grows up curve,
Income is worthy and decent
And life - without turmoil and interference.

I wish to increase and grow,
Fewer delays and problems
Difficult issues are easy to solve.
Happy New Year everyone! Happiness, peace to all!

Cool short greetings to colleagues happy New Year 2017


In friendly and cohesive working teams, there is a tradition of cheerfully, coolly and vividly congratulating colleagues on the New Year. Employees in advance find short festive quatrains with congratulations, teach them by heart, and on the eve of a significant day read them aloud to each other on corporate parties, parties or cozy friendly get-togethers.In the cheerful, rhymed lines of congratulations, colleagues remember the significant events of the outgoing year, welcome the coming year of the Rooster and wish colleagues fulfill the most fantastic dreams, loyal attitude from the management, good salary in rubles, and even better in hard currency, rapid career growth, good health, strong nerves, satisfied customers and mutual understanding in the family.

Merry short greetings not only recite out loud, but also write on colorful themed postcards and, together with small New Year's souvenirs, are presented to each employee of a company, company or organization, from technicals to the general director. Such pleasant ways of congratulating you on the New Year are always very much appreciated and for a long time remain in the memory of every person.

Festive wall newspapers decorate with long New Year's congratulations on the New Year, which then decorate workstations of colleagues and rooms for rest. Such design creates a joyful atmosphere in the most serious institutions, uplifting and setting up employees in a cheerful, optimistic mood.


Our cheerful, friendly team
I congratulate you on this New Year!
Let us be accompanied by a positive
And please stable income!

I wish you prosperity, success,
Health is very strong, wealth.
A car of smiles, joy and laughter.
Let everything be always in your order!


Happy New Year!
Let there be a lot of luck
Do not worry the bad
Let the good come.
It will be a great year,
Wonderful, kind, very classy.


Happy New Year, colleagues, friends.
This year we worked not in vain -
He brought us good shoots.
So let's forget adversity.

In the New Year with a pure heart, we walk,
Wishes we say:
Let it be calm, stable
And in finance is always abundant!

Official New Year greetings from the leadership of the New 2017 Year of the Rooster to colleagues in prose

On the eve of the New Year, solemn gatherings are held at enterprises, offices, organizations and other work collectives, where senior officials turn to subordinates and colleagues with official New Year congratulations in prose. The words of greeting sound weighty, solid and respectful.Directors, deputies and heads of departments of factories, factories, commercial companies, large corporations, banks, private companies, offices, shopping centers, schools and kindergartens congratulate teams on the coming New Year and thank for responsible attitude to their duties, high efficiency and Timely fulfillment of tasks. Such phrases balsam onto the hearts of workers, because every person is pleased to know that his efforts are not in vain and do not go unnoticed by the authorities.

To dilute the officialdom with the coming year, the Rooster in prose is supplemented with beautiful, kind, sincere and touching wishes of good health, family happiness, vital benefits, a successful career and a high salary. Maybe these words do not have too much originality, however, it is always nice to hear them to anyone, regardless of age, character, and social status. The most important thing is to recite the congratulations sincerely and with an expression, so that every present colleague feels the warmth coming from the phrases, and he felt a heartfelt attitude to himself from the direction of the leadership.This will benefit the whole team and make the relationship within it more open, cordial and trusting.


Dear colleagues, I am happy to congratulate all of you on the upcoming New Year holidays! I wish you great fun today, relax, chat in an informal setting. May the friendly atmosphere reigning here now remain unchanged during working hours. I believe that our close-knit team in the coming year will show excellent results, will achieve new heights. I wish all those present interesting work, mutual understanding between managers and subordinates, income growth (both companies as a whole and personal ones), and, of course, happiness, health and well-being!


I want to begin my speech with thanks. Thank you all for your active, sometimes up to dedication, work, for a lot of interesting ideas, for helping the company move forward, grow and develop. I think that our main wealth is the team. Here everyone is in his place, everyone is a pro in his field. I wish you all well-being, inspiration, new interesting ideas, bold plans! Let life be happy, work - beloved, mood - beautiful! Happy New Year!


How great it is to get together with the whole team in such a friendly, informal atmosphere. I am happy to see smiles on their faces, to hear laughter, humorous conversations. I wish everyone to have fun and dance today, may the holiday be bright and joyful. In the upcoming New Year, I wish you all prosperity, well-being, financial stability. Let those desires that you make to the chiming clock be sure to come true. May your families be happy, may your projects be successful, may your work be a joy. I wish you health, love, harmony and good mood!

Congratulations on the New Year 2017 colleagues work - beautiful postcards for the year of the Rooster


And official congratulations on the New Year 2017 of the Rooster to colleagues in prose, and funny wishes for the holiday to their workmates in verse, it is appropriate not only to recite out loud, but also to write on colorful themed postcards. Then such cute Christmas souvenirs, along with small presents, can be presented to all employees in the workplace, and the congratulations can be supplemented with the most sincere, kind and touching wishes of health, happiness, mutual understanding, early career growth and other benefits of life.To make the sign of attention look more personal, the verse or prose text of the greeting should be written by hand and for each person add a few individual words. After all, working in one team, people get to know each other well and can easily guess who will like which wishes and congratulations more.

On holidays, in no case can you leave without congratulations those colleagues who, due to health or other personal reasons, are absent from the workplace. For them, too, you need to sign colorful, bright New Year cards and send them by regular mail or send them to the phone in the form of MMS messages. If employees have pages in popular social networks, you can place New Year cards there and supplement them with sincere, kind congratulations on the New Year 2017 of the Rooster and heartfelt wishes. To absent employees it will be very pleasant to see such a greeting and read a few touching, soulful phrases. It will immediately become clear that colleagues truly value their colleagues and remember them not only when they need to print important documents or reassure a naughty client.

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