Construction of cottages

Construction of cottagesBuilding your own house is a very important step, and many are afraid to finally make it. However, you will agree that to have your own house in our time means to increase your status.

In addition, you can realize your ideas, fulfill your long-cherished dream and “build” your own “nest”!

Let's highlight points that highlight the benefits of building a house:

1) You can save your money. After all, the process is planned to trifles, and you can not spend money on additional costs.

2) You can control the process. Each stage of construction is discussed with the customer and controlled by him.

WFP Company offers you the construction of cottages both for ready-made projects, and for an individual project that is developed together in you. The company catalog has a huge selection of already developed options.

What are the advantages of the construction of the finished project

  • You can choose the option of the house that will meet your requirements;
  • From the very beginning, you will know what the future home will look like;
  • There are already thought out planning;
  • Construction time is reduced;
  • The technology has already been tested;
  • Reduced construction costs;
  • Easier and faster to calculate the amount of materials;
  • Elaboration of all the details that will be sent to your comfort.


The company "High-strength foam concrete" specializes in the construction of houses that are warm, durable and environmentally friendly. To do this, use of foam concrete, which takes from traditional materials - concrete and wood - their best qualities.

The company for about twenty years studying these properties, as well as developing new technologies. Since 2004, she has also been a construction company. Its main task is the construction of a country house and a cottage.

Project cost

If you choose a ready-made project, its adjustment will cost about 15 thousand rubles. Making a sketch of the house will take 10-15 days and cost 30 thousand rubles. However, if you order the construction of a cottage with us, the company will give you the development of your own project!

The development of an individual complete project of a house costs 90 thousand rubles and includes absolutely all the components, starting with the master plan and ending with environmental protection.In time it will take from 15 to 70 working days.

Today it will not be a problem to build a country cottage. To make it easier and easier for you, it is better to seek the help of specialists. By the way, if you decide to build a house yourself, do not forget to worry about working papers.

The price of your accommodation will vary depending on the expenses during the construction of the house. Since it is being built in stages, you can control the construction. If the cottage will be built by one company, and not invited by various specialists, you will be able to save, because everything will be thought out in advance. Thus, you can limit yourself from additional expenses. The company "High-strength foam concrete" builds houses in the most responsible and high-quality.

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