Cooking marinade pouring

Cooking marinade pouringCooking marinade pouring. The composition of the marinade pouring includes a water extract of spices and sugar syrup, which are mixed together and acetic acid is added to them.


The water extract is made from cinnamon, cloves and allspice using the same technology as for vegetable marinades.


The instruction also provides for the addition of allspice and clove separate into the jar, in which case the extract is prepared only from cinnamon.


Sugar is sieved, dissolved in a cauldron, boiled for 2–3 minutes, filtered through a plain filter. To the sugar syrup add extract of spices and acetic acid in accordance with the recipe.


Filling and pasteurization. Fruits are packed in glass containers and lacquered metal containers with a capacity of up to 3 dm3. Cherries and plums can be packaged on a carousel type automatic filler.


For marinades assorted raw materials are selected in different colors and shapes to give canned food an attractive appearance: pears, plums, cherries, dogwood, grapes and black currants.


Stacked fruits and berries occupy from 55 to 70% of the volume, they are poured with marinade pouring with the help of a filler at a temperature not lower than 80 ° С. The exceptions are marinades made from cherries, grapes, dogwoods and plums, where temperatures not higher than 60 ° C are recommended in order to prevent the fruits from cracking and color loss.


Marinades are pasteurized at 85 ° C for 10-25 minutes in small containers, and large (three-liter bottles and metal cans 14) - for 25-30 minutes at 100 ° C.


Requirements for finished products. In appearance, the fruits should be whole, without damage, with a natural color, pouring transparent with a sweet-sour taste and smell, the fruits are undiluted. Mass fraction of sugar (in terms of invert) for low-acid marinades should be at least 12 9 ?, and for sour - 17%.

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