Costume at the Autumn Ball for girls and boys in kindergarten. Costume Ideas for the Autumn Ball at School

KNPO-021How to make a costume for an autumn ball for a girl or boy? This question is asked by many parents, because not everyone has the opportunity to purchase a carnival outfit at the store or rent it at a special agency. We decided to come to your aid and made a whole collection of interesting, bright and extraordinary ideas for festive costumes, suitable for both school and kindergarten. Look at pictures and photos, read instructions and descriptions, follow our tips and create your own unusual and beautiful dresses from leaves, bags, balls, flowers and any other available materials. And, of course, do not forget to think about what to say during the presentation and protection of the costume.To dress recognized luxurious and awarded with complements, you will need very touching and heartfelt words coming from the heart. Be sincere and open in the manifestation of emotions, and your outfit will certainly be appreciated.

A suit for the Autumn Ball do-it-yourself for a girl from leaves, fabric and scrap materials - short master classes

The costume for the Autumn Ball for a girl can be made by hand from leaves, fabrics and other improvised materials. If the child has a specific role in the festive program, parents will not need to wrestle with their minds about the style of the dress for a long time. But when the theme for the dress is not set, you will have to show imagination and come up with something original and unusual for your little princess. Some good ideas will be prompted by our workshops.

  • "Forest Fairy".To make this costume, a silk dress of yellow-orange shades is sheathed with medium-sized maple leaves, and the hat is decorated with bright, autumn colors.KNPO-001
  • "Golden autumn". This option is suitable for a kindergarten or elementary school. A short gold dress is sewn or glued several bright leaves.The girl's head is decorated with an improvised crown of fallen leaves.KNPO-002
  • "Leaf Princess". In the manufacture of this attire using leaves, cut out of paper. First they are painted with bright colors, and then sewn on the hem and sleeves of a golden dress. For a crown, a fabric base is glued onto a paper rim, and decorated with paper colored leaves on top of it.KNPO-004
  • "Queen of the Autumn balls". This is a very unusual version, made from balloons of orange and yellow shades. A very little girl and a fully-grown, high school senior can wear this suit.KNPO-003
  • "Ripe melon."It looks very good on girls from kindergarten or elementary school pupils. For sewing a dress, take a satin fabric of bright yellow color. The shoulder is decorated with a sprig of green leaves, and a braided pigtail wig is put on the head of the child.


Costume for Autumn Ball for a boy with your own hands - interesting ideas

For boys for the Autumn Ball do-it-yourself most often make costumes of vegetables, mushrooms, various forest animals and fairy-tale characters.

  • "Amanita".A beautiful, bright suit of white trousers, a white shirt with a jabot-like collar, a striped green belt of satin ribbons and a bright red hat in a large polka-dot.Boys with great pleasure act in this outfit and take part in thematic festive productions.KNPO-006
  • "Mr. Autumn."Very fervent and unusual outfit in which the presenter of the ball can easily step on the stage. The original highlight of the image gives Beret in French style, decorated with colored leaves.KNPO-007
  • "Fungus-Borovichok".Ideal for boys from kindergarten. It consists of silk pants and a dark brown waistcoat, a light blouse and a large wide-brimmed hat, imitating a mushroom cap.KNPO-008
  • "Cockroach". For the manufacture of a shiny fabric take chocolate-brown tones, cut out of her wings, sew and stuffed with cotton. Over the top quilted with a gold thread, giving a resemblance to the "clothes" of cockroaches. A hat of the same material is put on the head of the child and wire whiskers are pinned to it.KNPO-009
  • "Tree".From burlap or any other thick fabric they sew a long shirt without buttons. The hem of the figure is cut out with wedges, paint circles in front, imitating the place of the trunk log. The neck and cuffs of the sleeves are decorated with bright paper leaves. Of them, they glue a crown and put it on the child's head.


Suit for the Autumn Ball in kindergarten with their own hands

At the Autumn Ball in kindergarten, many parents prepare suits with their own hands. And it is quite reasonable, because kids are not always able to control their behavior and can accidentally spoil an expensive bought dress or attire, rented at the agency of festive events.

Regarding the materials of manufacture there are no restrictions. It all depends on imagination and creative thinking. You can take as a basis some basic thing from a child’s wardrobe (dress, overalls, pants, skirt, blouse, etc.), and use all kinds of natural materials (flowers, leaves, fruits, etc.), original accessories and improvised items. The main thing is that the baby feels in a suit freely and is not afraid of somehow accidentally spoil it.






Dresses for the Autumn Ball in high school

At the Autumn Ball, high school students choose more spectacular and catchy dresses that emphasize femininity, grace and grace. Girls at the age of 14 years old already want to be liked and by all means try to attract attention to themselves. Looking at the outfits in which schoolgirls come to the party, it seems that you are at a beauty contest.In order to get the title of "Miss Autumn" and put the first crown on the head, young beauties do not spare fantasy and creative ideas. Someone simply buys a stylish and fashionable cocktail dress, which can be used after the holiday. Others create gorgeous outfits with their own hands and shine at the event in absolutely exclusive, unusual and simply breathtaking dresses.






The costume presentation for the Autumn Ball and the defense - how to do it right

To make an effective, catchy and memorable suit for a girl or a boy for the Autumn Ball to school or kindergarten is a responsible task, however, this is only half the battle. The second is to unusually and vividly present your own creation and protect it. His speech should be made so that it sounded inspired and anxious, but it did not turn into pathos. If the event takes place among kids 5-8 years old, you should not get involved in abstruse words and long phrases. Most of the children simply will not understand them and, thanks to this, will not give their votes to even a very worthy challenger.

But in high school flowery speeches and ornate expressions will sound quite appropriate.To enhance the effect, you can add your performance with pictures and photo illustrations of the creation of the dress. It will be very interesting for all those present to see how a real exclusive masterpiece is created from fabric, leaves, bags, balls, flowers and other materials at hand.

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