Creative Gift Wrapping Paper

Beautiful packaging - one of the main components of a surprise. It is not necessary to go to a special store, in order to buy wrapping paper, you can make excellent packaging yourself. You will need: kraft paper, a marker and a great desire to make a loved one a pleasant one! 1.We take kraft paper and iron it with a handkerchief or gauze.
Creative Gift Wrapping Paper> 2. With a red marker we begin to draw a rose: we draw two commas opposite each other.
 Creative wrapping paper for under pka
3. Continue to draw roses.
 Creative Gift Wrapping Paper
4. "Commas" redraw in the petals.The first rose is ready.
 Creative Gift Wrapping Paper
5. Draw a second rose just below the first.
 Creative wrapping paper for a gift
6. We continue to draw roses in checkerboard order.
 Creative Clear gift wrapping paper
7. Fill all kraft paper with flowers.

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