Making a corner of a room with a tree branch

Often, when making repairs in an apartment, I really want to feel like a real designer. Boldly, not like everyone else, to issue an apartment or at least a small corner. Unfortunately, not everyone can decide on such a desperate act. However, who dares - gets a completely unexpected result. Everything is simple, a flight of fancy, even with step-by-step instructions, makes from any primitive material, the most ordinary and at first glance, a real masterpiece of decor. So I decided to make a row in my ten-year-old daughter's room. Above her bed a corner was empty for a long time and did not give me rest. Having rummaged through the expanses of the Internet and found nothing, I realized that I needed to turn on my imagination and creative fuse. The idea came to me quite by accident, probably, like a real artist. The shadow of a tree outside the window just fell into the empty corner of the little daughter's room, and I realized what I wanted to do. And so, for the corner decoration we will need the following materials and tools: - tree branch 3 meters longmore crooked (I have a branch from a cherry tree); - white enamel; - newspaper; - printed photos; - corrugated cardboard; - PVA glue; - brushes; - kitchen sponge; -scissors; - stationery knife; - needle; - screws; - linen twine; - paints (I used gouache). Cutting a branch from a tree you need to cut it into two parts, so that you can then join it at the corner, then you get the effect of moving from one wall to another at a right angle. Short twigs should be cut.
 Cutting off a branch from a tree
Using a kitchen sponge with chaotic strokes we apply white paint (I have PF-115 enamel), completely paint over not desirable, try to make a semblance of birch. Now we give a good dry (enamel dries 24 hours)
 put white paint
In order that our branch would not look empty and ridiculous in the corner, let's create photos within. To begin with we will make tubes from the newspaper. To do this, we will cut strips from a newspaper with a width of 10-12 cm. We apply a knitting needle on one strip, at an angle, under the degree of 450. Wrap around the corner of the newspaper and begin to twist the tube,holding at the bottom. we will make the tubes
When you roll a sufficient number of tubes (I needed 42 tubes) you need to paint them in different colors.
paint in different colors
Now we make a frame for our photos in the following way. First, using glue PVA and a brush, glue two different colored tubes.  glue two multicolored tubes Give a little to dry and glue the third one into the hollow. tube.
glue the third tube
While our frames are going to dry - we will prepare the photos, namely we paste the printouts on the corrugated cardboard.
we will prepare photos
Here we use the decoupage technique. The first thing to do is to paint the backside with glue and give a little insisting and stretch out the paper.  we use the decoupage technique Then apply to the cardboard, gently smooth it,expel all air bubbles and glue on the top again.
 we use the decoupage technique
After the pictures are dry, stick a frame.
paste the frame
Hammer two nails into the wall and impose flax twine on them. This is our basis on which you need to bind a branch. This must be done firmly and reliably.
 flax twine
On the other wall, make the same manipulations and butt bind the second branch to make it like this:
 Decorating the corner of a room with a tree branch
Next, decorate the finished branch with photos in different colored frames
 Making the corner of a room with a branch of a tree
This is what happens. My daughter was very pleased, because none of her friends have such an unusual designer curiosity in the house. Of course, you can make your own touches, this is the beauty of needlework.I wish you good luck in your most daring, daring undertakings.

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