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Diana Kruger beauty secrets

By  | July 15, 2014

Today, July 15, the German actress Diana Kruger celebrates her birth day. She turns 38 years old and during her career, she managed to work her way out from being a model to a promising Hollywood actress, as well as to become both an icon of style and a beauty icon.

Diana Kruger

You need toreally tryto finda strongreproachtowards theimagesof DianaKruger, theblondGermanFrench charmand Americanopenness: thebeauty-reputationof theactress isimpeccable, although it isvery easy totarnisha little more eyeshadow , a little lessconcealerthereand eviltongues immediately willbegintalk unkindly about her).And it isall more surprisingwhen you consider thatDianaturns, andshe looksas freshas a 20-year-oldgirl,who has justembarked on the pathto theheights of the career.

Diana Kruger

By the way,first steps” Diana makein acting.As a teenager,she was makingprogressas a model, thoughas a childdreamed of becoming aballerina.But the knee injury did notallowKrugerto make it real, putting paid toprofessionaldance sessions.However,balletshe did in the pasthas done its job: Diana’seleganceand grace.But whenthe balletwas over,she continued togo forwardand winbeauty contests,signedcontracts,starredin commercialsmagazine covers.However,laterwanted to leavethe modeling businessbecause of itsinstability,variability,and absence of anyguarantees.Therefore,Diana(not withouteffortwork onimprovement)is firmly establishedin the film industry.

Diana Kruger

The worldfame cameto her afterfilming the movie“Troy”, where alsostarredBrad PittOrlando Bloom others,and thenbeganregular appearanceson the red carpetpremieres,parties andothersocial eventsIn each imageshe ismore beautiful than in otherand it seems thatnatural beauty,there is nodifficultyin creatinghairstylesmakeupfor skin care.

Diana Kruger

But actuallyit is not like that.“I have verythin hair, I’m struggling withevery day” – Diana andtherefore shenourishes the hairmore carefully, andas little as possibleexpose them tothe ravages ofstylers salwaysdriesher hairnaturally.Also,herblonde hair make herresort tobeautytricksthat help her put an accent on the face.always emphasizethe eyebrows,using a lot ofmascara, anddo not forgetabout thebright lipstick.

Diana Kruger

We must say thatDiana is notone of thosestars whothe classicred lipstickwith or withoutoccasionShe use it as wellbutchooses the most, translucentshadesgraded tocarrotycoral colors.Much more oftenyou can see herasoft pinklipstickDianararelytries on theimageof the fatalblond, she rather prefer to be delicate and airy.

Diana Kruger

beautyritualsaccompanyDianaduring the day?

– Morning. She energizes herself with a cup of coffee so as to cope with all morning tasks (“I can not imagine the start of my day without a big cup of coffee” – confesses the actress) and she useslightweight body lotions and moisturizing creams to put into shape her appearance.

– Day.Before going out,Diananeverforgets aboutsun protection– the riskto getpigment spotsscaredthecelebritywhenshe movedfrom Europeto sunny California. 50 or 60– is her“minimum”on rainy days.The actressfinds timeto maintainody in shape.Long afterachildhood trauma,shedid not do anything, but now shehas been trainingthree to four timesa weeka personal trainer.

– Evening. Compared to many celebrities, Diana rarely apply for the services of professional make up artists when she has to get ready for a night out. She got used to do the make up by her the same time,she manages toavoid monotonybanalityin makeup: I am interested inthe transformationprocess, before the nextnight outI alwaysask myself: ” What kind ofwomanI want to betoday?

Diana Kruger

-Night.There is no difference, a normal working dayfun until morningat a party:Diananevergoes to bedwithout washingoff the makeup from the faceThis ruleis strictly observedhelps her skin in the morning fresh and young.

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Diana Kruger beauty secrets
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Watch Diana Kruger beauty secrets video

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