Different types of yoga for beginners

Different types of yoga for beginnersThe history of yoga began millennia ago in India. Wise ancestors created this technique as a result of long observations of the human nature. Its goal is the development of spiritual and physical harmony. If you are exhausted by the bustle of the city, nervous work, then practical exercises will provide an opportunity to save on soothing. The beauty and health of the body and spirit at all times have been the goal of any sensible person. Many sports are able to polish the body to the ideal, but will not help to develop spiritually. Yoga, however, absorbed all the necessary qualities for general development and is capable of directing the right path.

Yoga philosophy for beginners

This technique implies the ability to control the energies so generously received from nature. Too much emotion, envy, anger, condemnation fill life with pain and disappointment. Unexpected diseases of the body are directly related to the mental state. Long-term yoga classes will eliminate negative thoughts and fill your mind with harmony.If you aspire to a healthy lifestyle, but you can not get rid of some bad habits, this ancient science is what you need. In time, you will give up everything that does harm on your own and without any difficulty. States such as goodwill, stress resistance and calm, will become constant companions in everyday life. And the purity of the mind will help solve many problems that seemed fatal earlier.Different types of yoga for beginners
Exercises can easily be combined with other sports, there is no need to make a choice. But it is important to understand that classes should be regular if you are focused on results. They must enter the daily routine and become something ordinary and natural. However, there are some contraindications that can not be ignored:

  • increased body temperature;
  • during the day after taking alcoholic beverages;
  • first two days of menstruation;
  • immediately after any loads;
  • after eating;
  • before bedtime;
  • not less than 5 hours after the bath;
  • in the exacerbation of any disease

Different types of yoga for beginnersSo, the decision is made, you are determined and the question arises: "What kind of yoga to choose for beginners and what to do?".

Types of yoga for beginners

Types of yoga:

  • Hatha yoga is not really yoga in the traditional concept. It represents a competent and very ancient system of physical development at the initial stage. For a beginner, not a bad choice. Moving forward involves learning the secrets of meditation and the attainment of nirvana;
  • Kundalini yoga is very popular and in demand, although it has some features that are not acceptable to everyone. For example, chanting mantras in the classroom, which is often compared with sectarianism. This is absolutely not true. For Kundalini, it is important to work with vibrations and it makes more sense not what is sung in mantras, but how it happens and how the body reacts to certain sounds;Different types of yoga for beginners
  • ideal for the future adept of yoga Iyengar. She is absolutely safe and has no age limit. The whole practice is based on the principle “from simple to complex”. When performing asanas, specially designed blocks, rollers and belts are used, which greatly facilitates classes;
  • Yoga 21 is becoming increasingly popular. It was developed by our contemporary and includes several techniques. Classes are very dynamic, and if you strive for perfect physical fitness, yoga-21 is an excellent choice;
  • Children's yoga is also becoming very popular. Exercise that helps children develop harmoniously.

Different types of yoga for beginners
The first lessons and practices are best obtained at a yoga school from an experienced teacher. But do not rush to buy a subscription right away, because it's not in vain that many good studios practice trial lessons. The theory is different from practice, and perhaps it is not for you that a particular type of yoga will not work.

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