Do it yourself beautiful rugs for home

Comfort in the house - this is what every girl and woman aspire to. After all, it's so nice to go to your house in the evening and feel the warmth of your home, sit on the couch, relax and have a cup of delicious tea. Comfort can be created with your own hands. It is necessary only to show imagination, to be patient and to make some nice little thing, for example, a rug.

Decorate your home

What are the rugs?

So what can you make? This may be an unusual rug for the kitchen with a massage effect, a warm and cozy knitted carpet with patterns, or an unusual rug that develops from a variety of different parts. It all depends on your skills and imagination. For example, not everyone knows how to knit, but the basic sewing skills must be mastered by every self-respecting hostess. Moreover, if you understand all the nuances and features, the manufacturing process will not be so difficult.

Several variants

We offer you several interesting options for all occasions and for every taste.

Rug in the bathroom of sea pebbles

Such a bath mat will literally send you to the seashore, covered with pebbles, and help you relax and escape from everyday affairs.

You will need:

  • rubber base (it can be a piece of rubber or linoleum, as well as the easiest and cheapest waterproof rubber mat);
  • strong adhesive (the best option - silicone);
  • flat and smooth sea stones of different colors (sizes can be any, but small and medium ones will look more interesting).

So, the most important moment of manufacturing is sorting stones. They should be smooth and the same in thickness. In addition, as a result, the gaps between them should be minimal, so that the selection of the form is also mandatory. You can imagine that you need to collect a mosaic.

Reminder of the sea

Prepare the base. Rinse it thoroughly, wipe it with alcohol and dry it. After that, you can begin to manufacture. Apply glue to the edge of the rubber, then start laying out the stones. Then again apply glue to the next section, fill it with pebbles. When the mat is ready, clean it for a day in a dry place to let the glue dry. Done, you can use!

We use plastic covers

Surely each of us buys bottled drinks. So, bottle caps do not need to throw out, they can be used for the manufacture of creative gizmos. And how to make a beautiful rug with your own hands from ordinary covers?

You will need:

  • caps from plastic bottles;
  • awl;
  • fishing line;
  • thick needle.

First you will need to think about how the product will look. First you need to expand the covers on the floor. You can do this in any random order, but you can create some interesting pattern. Now you can begin to combine all the details. If your rug is round, but start better from the middle, and then move around in a circle.

To begin with, you need to make holes in the right places in each cover with an awl. Now thread the needle into the needle and begin to connect the parts together. Is done. But if you want to place a rug on the floor in the bathroom, then it can slide there. But there is a way out. Simply glue your product to the rubber base with glue.

Fleece rug knit

A nice fleecy rug made from thin tresses of knitwear is easy to manufacture, but will certainly take a worthy place in your home.

So, here's what you need:

  • jersey (it can be old T-shirts or something else unnecessary);
  • dense fabric for the substrate (for example, flax or denim);
  • double sided tape;
  • sewing machine (if it is not, you can try sewing with your hands).

So, first prepare the foundation. The edges of it must be turned and stitched so that they do not spread out during operation. Now you should prepare the future villi. It's very simple. Knitted fabric should be cut into strips with a width of 1-1.5 centimeters.

Original solution

To make it easier for you, apply the marking to the fabric beforehand, and cut the parts along it. The length of the villi depends on your preference. Want a fluffy carpet? Cut strips with a length of 15-20 centimeters. And if you need a short-rug, the length of the strips should not exceed 10 centimeters.

Now take a two-sided adhesive tape and cut it into strips, the length of which is equal to the length of the main fabric. Cut strips with a width of 1 centimeter. Put them on the main fabric. The distance between them can be 2-3 centimeters. Now take knitted strips and stick them on the adhesive tape so that only the middle is glued (it turns out that the adhesive tape will be held in the middle of each future nap.)

Now stitch on the sewing machine all this strip. Remove the strips so that they do not get in the way (it can be stabbed with hairpins), proceed to the next row. When everything is sewn, just fluff the villi. Is done.

Carpet of pom-poms

You can sew a cute rug for the house of pompons.

You will need:

  • cardboard;
  • scissors;
  • wool threads;
  • a piece of thick fabric for the base;
  • ordinary thread and needle.

First you need to make pompons. To do this, take a cardboard and cut out two flat bagels from it. Now combine these two parts and wrap them with wool threads. If you want a pompon to be fluffy, then wind more threads in several layers. Both ends should be located at the outer edge of the patterns.

Now take the scissors and, slightly apart the patterns, cut the ring of threads. Spread the cardboard rings a little more and wind the resulting space tightly, then tie it up. Also make other pompons.

If desired, the base can be crocheted or knitted, but not all are able to, so we will use a fabric base. Sew it around the edges, twisting the edges. Now thread the needle through the thread passing in the middle of the pompon, and sew it to the base, making a few stitches. Sew all parts in the same way. Done!

Mat of plaits

Such a cute carpet can be placed in the nursery or in the bedroom. For its manufacture will require:

  • knitted fabric of two colors (dimensions about 1.5x1.5 meters);
  • pins;
  • sewing machine;
  • threads and needles;

First you need to make parts for weaving braids. To do this, the fabric tediously cut into strips with a width of 2-3 centimeters. Now you can start weaving braids. Take the first three pieces, fasten them together with a pin and begin to weave. The end also needs to be fastened with a pin. Braid all pigtails this way.

Now you need to connect the details. To do this, simply sew braids, connecting their side parts. Do it manually, carefully, so that the threads at the joints are not visible.

Nice and cozy

Then you need to process the edges. Make two ribbons: cut two strips of fabric 5-7 centimeters wide, twist their edges and sew (or better sew along the length, and then turn it out). Then, using a sewing machine, sew the edges of the rug (with the ends of the braids), while at the same time sewing the ribbon. Done!

Let the rug made by your hands decorate your home and make it cozy.

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