Do-It-Yourself Wedding Champagne

To date, many traditions are changing or complemented. Wedding attributes are not left without attention either. For example, a tradition has recently appeared on the wedding table of the newlyweds to put beautifully decorated bottles of champagne, one of which is drunk on the first wedding anniversary, and the second at the birth of the first child.
Wedding champagne
The style of decoration of this attribute can be completely different, it all depends on the subject of the event itself. I decided to present this duet to our attention. To create these accessories I needed:
  • champagne;
  • satin ribbons (5 cm and 0.5 cm);
  • 1 cm wide organza ribbon;
  • beads of two colors;
  • thick fishing line;
  • glue moment;
  • scissors;
  • gold-colored foil;
  • white wide lace;
  • small flowers from satin ribbons.
 I needed
In this MK, II decided to just describe in detail the process of creating flowers, and already placing them on the bottle is a personal fantasy of every needlewoman. First of all, let's make the biggest element - roses. To do this, cut the satin ribbon into 5 cm squares.
 cut into squares
Then we fold it in half so that we get a triangle. The main thing is to accurately combine the corners.
 precisely align the corners
We also press the side corners to the first two.
 we press to two Stepping down about 1 cm from the resulting angle, we cut off all the corners and properly fasten all layers of the tape with a lighter.
cut off all corners
 fasten all tape layers
You need 5 pieces for one rosette of such petals.
For one little
They will represent the middle of the bud. Now proceed to the next petals.To do this, we fold the square diagonally, as in the first case.
 add square
And at this stage we cut the bottom corners.
cut the bottom corners
Solder the edges with a lighter, and press the side corners as here.
we press the side corners
 with the help of fire
They are also fastened with the help of fire. I needed 10 such petals for a small rose and 15 for a large one.
 We are starting to put together
We are starting to put together all the petals. We take a small petal and grease its bottom edge with glue.
 We begin to put together
Then gradually wrap it up in a straw.
We are starting to put together
You need to twist the" pockets "out, then you get such a pretty middle. Then we start gradually to glue it with small petals.
 paste it with small petals
paste it with small petals
It is the turn of the big petals. We also apply it with glue only from the wrong side, and paste it on the others.
 paste on the rest
smear with glue
 paste on the rest
It is important to note that it is not necessary that the bottom edge be exactly at the bottom of the previous petals. If you shift it a little, the rose will be nicer and more open.
 the rose will turn out
In the end, it turns out that beauty.
 the rose will turn out
Since I will be fixing it on a flat surface, All irregularities at the bottom are cut off and filled with glue,so that the petals do not fall out of the middle.
 cut and pour glue
When I decided to make such bottles, I drew beads with beads in my imagination. But what was my surprise when, in none of the shops in the city were they? I came to the conclusion that they will have to do it yourself. I bought a coil of the thickest fishing line and beads of those colors that ideally suited me in color.
 matched me in the color scheme
I cut the necessary length into pieces, and then simply put a drop of glue on the fishing line, strung a bead and gave it time to stick.
 Cutting the line
These are the cables I got.
the cables turned out
I came to the conclusion that I will continue to do so in the future (economically, and there are always the right colors).For the following flowers she used organza and thin satin ribbon.
 used organza
Cut the ribbon from organza into 8cm segments.
 cut into segments
Then fold them in half and fasten the edges with a lighter.
 fasten edges with a lighter
All the resulting" droplets "are collected on a thread and fastened with a pair of stitches.
 fasten with a pair of stitches
Tu we perform the same procedure with a satin ribbon.
 we do it with a satin ribbon
Then we simply connect the two bows together, and the knot from the thread is closed bead. mg src="" alt="close the bead" title="close the bead">
In Finally, it came to the conclusion that the rose on the bottle will look, not very impressive, so it was decided to make a background of tulle. Since I decided to use 2 roses for each bottle,measured two bands.
 measured two strips
Then, fold each stripe several times and carefully cut out such a corner.
is such a Christmas tree
 here is a Christmas tree
The result is a Christmas tree here.
 here is such a Christmas tree
We collect the lower part of the ribbon on a thread with small stitches.
small stitches
We are tightening and fixing around.
 fasten round
 glue the rose
Now, in the center we glue rose and insert our ropes and.
insert our cables
 placed at its discretion
The whole further process is a flight of fancy. She pasted sheets of foil on the bottom of the bottle, covered it with lace on top.Well, the other elements are placed at your discretion.
 Wedding Champagne
I got this set.
 Wedding Champagne

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