Do not know: Orbakaite confused with Lady Gaga

A serious controversy broke out in the network, who the singer looked like.

“And how do you spend your weekends?” Christina asked her fans, accompanying this question with a photo from shopping. In the picture, many subscribers at first simply did not recognize the star. Ripped jeans, an unusual headdress, dark glasses. Internet users suddenly decided that she became very similar to ... Lady Gaga.

Feb 3, 2018 at 10:13 PST

On the one hand, this can be considered a compliment: after all, Christina is older than Lady Gaga by 15 years. But she always looked much younger than the real age, and after changing makeup and hair, she was almost twice as young.

Recently, fans were amazed at how good Orbakaite was without makeup. The singer only slightly emphasized the eyes, and on her face there is not a single gram of foundation or powder, and at the same time the skin is like porcelain. Of course, the star can afford any means of care, even the most advanced, but everyone is sure that the secret is not in smart cosmetics, but in genetics.Just look at the mother of the actress Alla Borisovna, who does not look at her 68 years.

But Lady Gaga, on the contrary, lately has not been pleased with her appearance. "Mom Monsters" greatly recovered. In her last performance, she was very sorry with the concert outfit. Tight translucent fabric emphasized by far not sporting legs of the singer and distinctly protruding tummy ... Yes, and over the chest and shoulders area it would not hurt to work. But Kristina with a figure, the situation is excellent, her harmony can envy every girl.

Christina Orbakaite
Christina Orbakaite
Photo: @orbakaite_k
Lady Gaga
Lady Gaga
Photo: @ladygaga

By the way, there were those followers who confused Christina not with Lady Gaga, but with Alla Borisovna. The older Cristina becomes, the more she resembles her mother, whom the years do not seem to change at all.

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