Do not throw away broken lightning! From them you can make a magnificent decoration

The main highlight of this jewelry, which can be worn as a brooch or hairpin, will be a game in contrast. The combination of soft flower shape with embossed metal or plastic teeth looks very interesting. If you have accumulated a stock of zippers that are waiting in the wings, consider that it has come!

Flower from a lightning in the form of a spiral

A fairly simple option that can be stitched in just a few minutes.

For the project will need:

  • Lightning two colors;
  • needle with thread


Open the zipper and divide it into two halves. The part that will represent the flower, collect on a long string with wide stitches. Make the assembly by twisting the spiral and securing its shape with a thread. In the middle of the flower, you can add a bead. This decoration will be even more interesting if you add "leaves" of lightning green.

Complicated flower, glued from strips

This flower is flat, it is perfect for decorating the hairband.

For the project will need:

  • Long zipper with plastic lock;
  • scissors;
  • hot glue gun or strong glue;
  • dense cardboard;
  • felt or cloth in the color of the zipper;
  • needle with thread;
  • finishing tape

Cut the zipper into strips of the same length. If you want more petals, take two or three zippers of the same color. Fold the petal, fixing its shape with glue. You can additionally secure with threads.

After the glue is dry, each petal must be turned out to make its shape more natural. Cut a circle out of thick cardboard and cover it with felt or cloth. On the seamy side, glue another piece of felt to hide the folds.

Sew the first layer of petals with threads of suitable color. The second layer is attached closer to the center, between the petals of the first layer.

On the front side of the glue or sew the braid, and in the center of the composition we attach a piece of lightning, folded in the form of a spiral.

Bulk flower of interesting shape

For the project will need:

  • Lightning;
  • scissors;
  • Adhesive, needle and thread;
  • solid base;
  • base for brooch

Cut the base of the zipper and divide it into equal strips. From each will need to make one petal. Connect the edges with glue or hand seam.

Cut out a round base from dense material. Each petal will need to be attached to it. First, lay out the first layer of six pieces.

Petals for the upper layer can be made a little shorter. Glue them between the first. Decorate the middle with a spiral of lightning.

It remains only to fasten from the inside the clasp for brooches.

Lightning air flower

The main principle of creating such an ornament is to make very large petals. Thus, the flower is loose and quite large. The basis is better to take a small diameter, so that it is completely hidden under the petals.

Connect all the parts with a thread and a needle.

Decoration is perfect for the decor of the rim.

Flower with a runner

In this case, it is not necessary to divide the lightning into halves, because it will be used entirely. Sewing pins will help you to lay out the flower.

Spread the petals, fixing them with glue or thread. Place a zipper spiral in the middle. The runner should remain at the bottom of the brooch.

Jewelry made of lightning is great! Create your own unique accessories.

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