Do I need to run around and eat right?

Literally in one year, my friends changed: they began to spend more time on trainings, not on dates with tinder battles, but when they met, instead of another mojito, they ordered a green smoothie. The same trend can be traced among friends and colleagues (five workouts per week is the norm for them). Who is to blame for this universal zozhifikatsii? Let's see.

The course for healthy lifestyles is a natural trend.

In the last few years there has been a growth in the wellness market. According to The Global Wellness Institute, the revenue of this industry is huge - 3.7 trillion dollars a year! Where did this trend come from?

First, the generation of millennials (the target audience of all fashion houses) has grown and abandoned bad habits. Alcohol and smoking are not interesting to them, as well as something heavier. They are gradually abandoning fast food. But with proper nutrition on a short leg: they will easily tell you what you need to eat, how many calories in which dish, what you can combine with (and in no case whatsoever), and will give you a dozen useful recipes.

Secondly, the wave of bodybuilding and high ideals has done its job. Not only pick-upers and models, but also ordinary office workers dream about a taut figure. They do not want to indulge their own ego, desperately clicking the mouse in Photoshop, but work hard on their dream body.

Thirdly, a healthy lifestyle has become a symbol of success. If you could put your body in order and look cool, it means that you are just as cool, professional and persistent in your work. Go to Instagram: there are not only fitons with model looks in the bar, but also top managers, secretaries, students, mothers on maternity leave. Everyone wants to be beautiful and successful.

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