Dreadlocks - fashionable hairstyle or terrible bad taste?

There are so many different hairstyles that anyone can be original and stand out from the crowd. And one of the easiest ways to do this is to wear dreadlocks. But in order to wear them properly and with pride, it’s worth finding out a few important features.

A bit of history

There is no exact data on the origin of the dreadlocks, since this hairstyle at one time or another was found among different nations. And it is not surprising, because, in fact, it was the natural result of a certain lifestyle and non-compliance with the rules of personal hygiene, in particular, the lack of washing the head.

Archaeological excavations have shown that the history of the appearance of the first dreadlocks is rooted in the times of primitive people who lived in Somalia and North Africa. But as mankind migrated from Africa and spread across the globe, such a phenomenon began to spread.

At various times, dreadlocks were characteristic of the ancient Germans, Aztecs and Celts.In addition, this hairstyle was characteristic of representatives of some religions, such as Islamic dervishes, Jewish Nazarees, Hindu sadhus, as well as Coptic Christians. It is noteworthy that there were dreadlocks both among commoners and poor people, and among members of royal families, which is confirmed by the found sculptures, bas-reliefs and other artifacts.

And what about today?

The term "dreadlocks" or "dreadlocks" appeared in one of the Rastafarian cultures in Jamaica around the middle of the 1950s. And it seemed as if literally translated as “creepy curls” or “terrible patly”, as this hanging and matted messy hair literally shocked everyone. And the Rastafarians willingly picked up and introduced such a term to the masses, and also made this hairstyle traditional.

Today, dreadlocks can be either a tribute to fashion, or an anti-political symbol, or simply a way of expressing national pride or any religious beliefs.

And dreadlocks are peculiar to the subculture, which arose under the influence of the musical style of reggae (it became popular thanks to the legendary Bob Marley, who, by the way, also wore dreadlocks) and the basic principles of rastafaris.In addition, this hairstyle is worn by representatives of the modern underground-techno-culture, to which fans of hard rock or punk rock often abut.

Advantages and disadvantages

Like any other hairstyle, dreadlocks have their advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of dreads:

  • It is creative and unusual. This hairstyle will surely attract attention and make its owner unusual and stylish.
  • Dreadlocks can be washed less often than ordinary hair, which is very important for many.
  • Dreadlocks do not need to be laid, they do not crumple, do not lose shape. This hairstyle looks fresh and stylish, even after waking up in the morning.
  • If Kanekalon blanks were used when weaving, they will help to increase the length of the hair.
  • Dreadlocks look stylish and bright even as they grow.

Now the main disadvantages:

  • It is much harder and longer to wash and dry dreadlocks than ordinary “native” hair.
  • There may be discomfort. So, in the first few days after weaving, pain and discomfort can be felt all over the surface of the head, which is associated with increased tension. In addition, many face the problem of skin irritation or itching.
  • Weaving dreadlocks - this is a serious load for the hair. Hair follicles and rods are severely damaged, so that after weaving, the condition of the natural curls can greatly deteriorate, a long and complex recovery will be required.
  • If the weaving used kanecolon, the dreadlocks can be quite stiff, and this will prevent you from wearing normal headgear and comfortably sleeping.
  • If you think that braiding dreads, you can completely forget about caring for your hair, then you are greatly mistaken. Dreadlocks require some care.
  • Many perceive dreadlocks as something unpleasant and disgusting, so that the glances cast on the owner of such a hairstyle can be not only surprised, but also dismissive.
  • Dreads with an interlaced kanecolon heavily weight the hair and have a negative effect on the onions and scalp, which can lead to strong loss.
  • Weaving dreadlocks is quite expensive.

How to do?

Hairstyle dreadlocks will be stylish and fashionable, if done by an experienced master in a beauty salon or a hairdresser. Usually, special hooks are used, with which the hair is located in a certain way and simultaneouslyget confused. But still you can make them at home, and in several ways.

Method one

To braid dreadlocks in this way, you will need a lot of thin elastic bands, a comb with frequent teeth (preferably metal), hair wax.


  1. First you need to wash your hair well.
  2. Then dry them and divide them into many identical strands. There should be about 40 in total. Secure each strand with a rubber band.
  3. Now start forming the first dreadlock. The elastic can not be removed, this will reduce the tension.
  4. Hang a strand, starting from the root and moving towards the tips. The degree of hair should be the same throughout the length.
  5. When the whole strand is filled, begin to actively twist it between your palms.
  6. Then apply wax on the palm and twist the strand again to fix it.
  7. In the same way braid other dreadlocks.

Second way

Fashion dreadlocks can be done in another way. You will need all the same as in the first method.


  1. Wash your head, but during the wash try to entangle the curls by massaging them clockwise or against it.
  2. When the hair is dry, do not comb, divide them into strands.
  3. Each strand is actively twisted between the palms.
  4. The next day, repeat the procedure. Repeat it should be until the dreadlocks are formed. When they become final look, fix them with wax.

Third way

You can braid tight pigtails, then walk around with them for several days and twist between your palms using wax.

Peculiarities of care

How to care for dreadlocks? Fundamental rules:

  • In the first month after weaving is not recommended to wash dreadlocks. Then one wash in one to two weeks is enough.
  • Dislodging hairs need to be weaved into dreadlocks using a hook.
  • Growing dreadlocks should be formed at the roots and at the tips.
  • Clean dreadlocks from trash falling into them.

How to get rid of them?

How to remove dreadlocks? The easiest way to cut them. You can also contact an experienced master, he will do it as painlessly as possible. But in any case, be prepared for the loss of natural hair, and significant.

If you decide to unravel the dreadlocks yourself, you can do it with a crochet hook. Just pull them hair or thin strands one by one. To facilitate the task, you can wet your hair and soften it with a mask, conditioner or oil, so that the curls can slide better and unravel faster. Instead of a hook, you can use your fingers.

Let your dreadlocks delight you as long as possible!

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