Dress, which "boil the brains", and other amazing illusions


Here it is, the power of the Internet: millions of users around the world (and our country is no exception) got involved in insane disputes about what color this dress is: white with gold or blue with black.


The media immediately became interested in the issue, putting forward theories and attracting experts. What just do not learn from their articles - just right to write scientific treatises!

Independent, for example, assures that much can be said about each of us depending on the answer. For example, what vision we have is predominant - day or night. The same explains Gazeta.ru in detail.

Yahoo Tech has cited as many as 6 theories explaining the difference in perception of this damned dress: from a banal rally to color blindness.


But she noted that if you change the white balance, then the same dress will appear in two versions:


Well, so that you figure out (or get confused) finally, here's the whole range of such dresses from the British online store. As you can see, there is black and blue among them, but there is no white with gold.


In general, one thing is clear to us: the eyes and the brain can easily deceive us. Let us fully enjoy the color and other optical illusions!

1. The shadow on the chessboard

True, is cell A much darker than B?


But it only seems so because of the shadow from the cylinder, in fact both cells are the same shade of gray.


2. Identical colors

A - gray, B - white? Close your finger area to join two squares and make sure they are the same color.


3. Chess pieces

And again, hello to the dress: the figures are the same in color, but on a different background they appear white and black.


4. Gray or blue?

Look at the black dot - and the jumping gray bar will turn into blue.


5. Dinosaurs are watching you!


6. How to turn a stationary cylinder into a spinning cube


7. 3D lawn in Paris

Front view ...


... and side view:


8. Girl or boy?

It turns out that light and contrast affect our ability to distinguish people by sex. The face on the left seems more feminine, on the right - more boyish.


9. Fading colors

And now just bury your eyes in a black dot and watch how all the color spraying gradually disappears.

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