Dried flowers

After the holidays, fading roses stand in the vases, which are very unfortunate to throw out, but they also look not very presentable when they are dried. To keep dry flowers, you can use very simple technology. Roses, without waiting until they are completely withered, are hung upside down with “head” - I pin them with pins to the curtains. After a few days, the roses “reach the condition” - their petals are dried to the end.
 Dried flowers
When a lot of flowers accumulate, you can start decorating them. For this you need only spray cans of spray paint of different colors. I took gold, maroon, coral, copper and silver paint. Roses of dark color become almost black after drying - and silver or copper shade will look very nice on them.
 Dried flowers
Roses of light color, having dried, turn yellow, but do not darken - and they can use any enamel (but, in principle,any shade can also be used on dark colors - you just have to spray paint thicker).
 Dried flowers
Getting started, you need to prepare a place where the paint does not stain the furniture or the floor. To do this, you need to cover everything around with newspapers - because aerosol enamel scatters far away in the form of dust, consisting of microscopic particles of paint. If there is a possibility - it is best to go out, then you will not have to breathe harmful fumes and get out after work. You need to wear a glove or a plastic bag to your hand - it’s more convenient to hold flowers by the stem so as not to get dirty.
 Dried flowers
I first sprayed dark roses with enamel of burgundy and coral color, and then top with silver and gold paint.
 Dried flowers
 Dried Flowers
I immediately covered the bright roses and that the copper paint. Aerosol enamel dries very quickly - 10-15 minutes. After drying, the roses become elastic and not so fragile. Now one can make various compositions of them, fill them with decorative flower buds.
 Dried flowers
 Dry Flowers

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