Ecological disaster on the face: you can get rid of the traces

Residents of megacities are very hard to keep smooth shiny skin. Exhaust gases, water from the tap with impurities of chlorine and iron, food semi-finished products, sedentary office work - all these factors adversely affect all body systems. First and foremost, the skin, which is often an indicator of health, suffers.
How to get rid of acne marks
How to get rid of acne marks
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Acne, acne, red spots. How to smooth the skin

Very often, urban women suffer from acne. Starting as a teenager, she remains for life. From time to time, on the nose, on the forehead, nasty pimples jump up, traces of which do not pass for a long time. The face is covered with dents, which are hard to get rid of. But you can even out the skin of the face, if you follow the following tips:

  • already existing deep pits formed in the places of sores and pimples can be removed with the help of a point chemical peeling.This procedure is performed in almost every beauty salon. The cosmetologist will apply a special compound on the bumps of the skin, and the upper damaged layer will be removed. The procedure is not very pleasant, but the pimples of acne will disappear forever;
If you squeeze acne, in their place a hole is formed, which can be removed only in the office of a beautician. In addition, the inflammation may increase, and then instead of one acne a dozen new ones will jump out.
  • if there is no deep skin damage, only acne and comedones spoil the appearance, use a scrub that can be prepared at home. Take a tablespoon of honey and some ground coffee. Mix, apply on face and neck and massage. Black dots will disappear and acne will dry up;
  • After scrub, apply a mixture of baby powder and hydrogen peroxide to red acne. The active ingredients in these ingredients soothe the skin and heal inflammation;
  • wipe your skin with ice cubes every day, morning and evening. They prepare like this: decoctions of nettle, chamomile and coltsfoot mix and freeze. Herbs have an antiseptic effect, and cold pores, making the black spots almost invisible.

Hide acne marks with cosmetics

Since you will not be able to cope with skin problems at once, you need to learn how to properly mask acne and traces of them. Get concealer with a greenish tint, they can gloss over the red acne. Green neutralizes red and evens out skin color.

Be sure to wash off toning agent before bedtime. Even the best cosmetics, remaining on the face at night, can cause skin irritation.

Black dots are easy to hide with ordinary foundation or powder. Just choose cosmetics with a light texture. Fatty dense matting agents clog the pores of the skin, causing the formation of new acne and inflammation of old ones.

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