Embroidery Corinne Sleight

Like many women around the world, Briton Corinne Slate loves to embroider. Corinne is one of the moms who work at home. For more than 20 years, she has been helping her husband manage a small graphic business in a small village located in Sussex South Downs in the south of England.

Despite the lack of formal qualifications in the field of art, Corinne always liked to do handicrafts and work with various materials. She tried knitting, tapestries, stained glass, painting and recently discovered the amazing world of embroidery, which, apparently, really captivated her. Looking at Corinne's masterpieces, it’s not even believed that she began to professionally engage in embroidery just a few years ago. This embroidery is distinguished by intricate patterns, bold and harmonious combinations of colors. Obviously, the love of their work is the best tool in the development of new horizons.

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