Emily Ratakovski poses nude for her spouse

Emily Ratakovski is always ready to tell the whole world about what she thinks or feels by means of one language - her naked body. This time, honeymoon with her husband Sebastian Beer-McClard (they had not heard of this? But in vain! The career of an actor, screenwriter, director, producer and even co-owner of the film studio), whom she met just a few weeks before weddings (however, according to some sources, Emily and Sebastian have known each other for several years). After a modest and quiet wedding ceremony in New York, the newlyweds went to Utah, where they enjoyed the picturesque sunsets and landscapes (which is worth the Antelope canyon!). But the attention of numerous followers of Ratakovski on Instagram was attracted not by nature, but by a photograph that Emily signed: "I pose for my now husband." In the photo, the activist model is wearing only one straw hat.

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