Emma Watson is happy with actor Kord Overstreet

Last November, Emma Watson broke up with her boyfriend, computer genius William Knight. Emma and William met for two years, and the girl seemed to like that her lover has nothing to do with Hollywood life, but as it turned out, for the same reason she decided to part with it ... The actress considered that a person not dedicated in the clutter of red carpet and film sets, they simply cannot build life with it.

Emma approached the choice of a new partner responsibly: her current passion is the 29-year-old star of the Khor series Kord Overstreet, who was also born into a family of country musician, so he got used to the celebrity’s life from a very young age and therefore feels calm under close attention to the paparazzi. And to meet with the fondly glorious girls Kordu is not the first: he was credited with novels with the model of Lily Collins, daughter of Demi Moore and Bruce Willis Rumer and another Emma - Roberts.

"In truth, Cord never met a girl like Watson. She literally intrigued him. In the two months that they meet, Emma brought only positive changes into his life, the actor's friends told us Weekly. "True, like Emma, ​​Cord does not particularly extend about their relationship."

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