Eyeglass out of the box

To make a wonderful loved one does not necessarily leave the house. You can decorate, for example, a plastic box, previously served as a watch case or a removable panel of car radio. The old box with the active participation of stationery, velvety fabric and rhinestone remains in half an hour turn into an amazingly beautiful gift. Materials for work:
  • Box - 1 pieces;
  • Fabric velvety in size of the inside of the lid multiplied by 2;
  • Gouache “bronze” paint, “liquid nails” glue, stationery adhesive tape, narrow, dishwashing sponge, alcohol-containing liquid, matches, brush, black marker, rhinestones, tweezers.

Work execution steps:

The first stage: the preparation of the facial Surfaces.

Carefully wash the box, remove all stickers, degrease with alcohol-containing liquid.
 Eyeglass out of the box
We wrap the sides of the box with narrow tape around the perimeter.Carefully smooth the edges, so that the paint under the scotch does not fall.
 Eyeglass out of the box

Second stage: the decor of the front side of the box.

Along the edges of the whole box sponkivaem sponge with paint "bronze".
Ochechnik of Boxes
 Eyeglass out of the box
Select the pattern you like and transfer it to the surface of the box (in this case, a napkin is used for decoupage).
Ochechnik of boxes
Increase the edge decor, slightly adjusting it to nan hay picture.
Eyeglasses from a box
Fill the middle of the cover with paint. The edges of solid coloring, slightly retreating, decorated with a dotted list. This can be done using a sushi stick, dipping it in paint and putting 2-3 points on it.
 Eyeglass out of the box
In the central part of the solid make decoration in the form of inscriptions with marker or black paint . Ochechnik from the box The back of the box is completely cracked with bronze paint. For a more uniform coating, several layers must be applied, drying each one.
 Ochechnik from the box
On the large leaflets we draw black veins.
 A case from a box

The third stage: we decorate with rhinestones.

We paste small rhinestones on the bitmap. To bond the surface and strass, we use the liquid nails glue, dipping the wand first in the glue, then applying it to the surface of the bitmap. Ochechnik from the box Large point roundings are glued to larger rhinestones.
 Ochechnik from the box
We decorate the bitmap with strasses selectively.  Ochechnik from the box We varnish the front side of the box and the bottom. Sushim.  Eyeglasses from a box Carefully remove the scotch tape,trying not to damage the edges of the drawing.
 Eyeglass out of the box

Fourth stage: decorate the inside of the box.

We degrease and clean the inside of the box.
Eyeglass out of the box
From paper we make a pattern of the bottom of the top and bottom. Putting the pattern on the wrong side of the fabric and outlined with a marker. Cut out.
 Eyeglass out of the box
Carefully burn the edges of the fabric to prevent it from shedding.
 Eyeglass from a box
Fill the decorated surface with glue" liquid nails ", distribute it over the entire surface evenly, carefully smear the edges around the perimeter. The layer of glue should not be very thick, otherwise the fabric will get wet and become “stone”. We impose the fabric and smooth it by pressing it lightly.  Eyeglass out of the box With a stick we remove the extra glue and carefully press the butt of the fabric and the box.
 Eye-glasses from a box
To remove the clarity of the fabric transition borders, with a marker we tint its edges along the entire perimeter. Since the fabric is fleecy, we move the marker in the direction of the pile. Otherwise, the nap will curl and the pattern will turn out to be "shaggy" uneven.
 Eyeglass out of the box
In the center of the top cover we make an inscription with a marker.
 The case from the box
Over the inscription put a couple of layers of bronze paint. The pile must necessarily soak, all the "shaggy" is smoothed.
 Eyeglass out of the box
 Ochechnik from the box
That turned out a wonderful personal gift, very necessary in everyday life. Eyeglass out of the box

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