Face cryotherapy: the whole truth about an unusual procedure

In order to remain beautiful, young and attractive as long as possible, you need to carefully look after yourself, especially when it comes to facial skin. It's no secret that the first attention is drawn to the face, it is the first wrinkles and any other shortcomings of the facial skin that make us upset when we once again look in the mirror.

Fortunately, science does not stand still, a lot of methods have been invented that help to preserve precious youth - various laser procedures, rejuvenating masks and pillings, braces and even surgical intervention - the woman is not ready to go to get rid of excess wrinkles or pimples.

Face cryotherapy is a great helper in this matter, under the influence of low temperatures there is a rapid rejuvenation of the skin, its tightening and renewal.

The procedure of rejuvenation and recovery with the help of cold has deep historical roots,Hippocrates and Galen prescribed cold baths for the treatment of many ailments, which believed that extreme conditions created for the organism through the cold, which forced the body to activate all its hidden reserves.

Useful properties of cold

And they really were right, the fact that in the cold all the forces of self-healing are connected, many experts of this area confirmed, and swimming in the ice hole became a symbol of good health.

Of course, now there is no need to dive into the bathroom with ice or a hole, modern aesthetic cosmetology, using the latest technologies, has come to loyal cryotherapy procedures that will not require much time from a person and, moreover, they are absolutely safe for the client's health.

Surely, many girls will be interested in what is cryotherapy for a person, what are the reviews of girls who have already tried on themselves, what are the main principles of the procedure, is it effective or is it another advertising duck of modern cosmetology? After all, there are many such. Let's try to figure it out.

The procedure itself involves the impact of low temperatures on problem areas of the skin of the face,which causes rapid constriction of the vessels, and then expansion, this process activates the improved blood circulation and blood circulation, which leads to a pronounced result of rejuvenation.

Usually the entire procedure turns into a kind of massage, which is performed by a special tampon or sponge, which is coated with liquid nitrogen. It has no smell and color, its boiling point is at this moment - 195 °, but do not be scared, it's not as scary as it can be.

How does the cryotherapy procedure work?

In addition to rejuvenation and general improvement of skin tone, cryotherapy effectively fights with acne, inflammation, pigment spots, acne, warts, acne and scars. Also, cryotherapy is very useful to owners of oily skin, because under the influence of cold, sebum separation is regulated and skin nutrition with oxygen is improved.

Usually in beauty salons offer three types of services of a similar profile. The first, and the most common, which we cited as an example above: using a cotton applicator, liquid nitrogen is applied to the face and neck skin, the cosmetologist conducts the procedure by light and sliding actions, stopping literally for half a minute in those places where there are problem areas.

The main thing to find a good doctor

In these places, liquid nitrogen can bring a slight inconvenience: a slight burning or tingling, but it is worth it. In places where the applicator is held for a short time, the blood flows into this area, which causes a small swelling.

After the procedure, small crusts can be observed in these places, which quickly fall off, taking with you the problematic imperfections of your skin.

The second method is the impact of liquid nitrogen not by hand, but with the help of a cryosprayer. Typically, the temperature on such a procedure is 180 degrees, but if the skin does not require such a serious invasion, the beautician can raise it to minus 60 ° -80 °, everything will depend on your personal condition.

The third type of rejuvenation is the use of cryoelectrophoresis, it is believed that this method is the most effective and modern. Under the action of a pulsating current in the deep layers of the skin, frozen medicines are introduced, which are selected individually for each client. In just a few sessions, such a procedure promises you to say goodbye to wrinkles on the face and neck, to restore the elasticity of the décolleté, hands and even hips!

Usually, in order for the effect to be really noticeable and lasting,It takes about 9-12 cryotherapy procedures, of course, their number is prescribed by a doctor, depending on the condition of your skin.

In its operation, the procedure is similar to chemical peeling, the difference is that the cryotherapy process is much softer and more delicate, without damaging the upper layers of the epidermis, which leads to a slight peeling and cellular renewal of the upper layers of the skin.

One of the main advantages of cryotherapy is its availability, there are, of course, contraindications to the use of this procedure, but there are not so many of them.

For example, individual intolerance to low temperatures can be attributed to them, which is not so common, the presence of acute infectious diseases, arterial vascular malfunction, which is why, before resorting to this procedure, you should carefully consult your doctor and, if necessary, do everything required analyzes.

What is the result?

And in the end - healthy skin, devoid of redness, unpleasant scars and acne, and all this - for some 5-10 minutes of the procedure. The whole process contributes to the nutrition of the skin, affects its natural lifting, increases blood circulation and deprives the pathological formations on the skin.

A healthy face is good.

Cryotherapy performed by an experienced specialist is absolutely harmless and painless procedure, it does not cause side effects, does not leave behind scars and visible wounds.

Cryotherapy in the home

Improve blood circulation and provoke most of the processes that promises cryotherapy, and you can at home - using massage ice cubes. It is best to freeze not ordinary water, but infusions of herbs or berries, for example, chamomile, sage, nettle, green tea.

And in the summer season you can use cryotherapy with frozen berries - strawberries, black currants, cranberries or blackberries. The main thing to remember is that you should start caring for the skin not when the imperfections and signs of aging are visible to the naked eye, but long before that, and then you can easily prolong the youth and beauty of your skin.

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