False eyelashes - we learn to glue beautifully

A deep, languid, bright and sensual look is the best decoration of any woman, because it is the eyes that are able to express all that is happening inside her, add charm and special charm to her image.

Beautiful female eyes are always attracting the attention of others, it is difficult to tear off a truly attractive look, I want to look, admire and admire endlessly. Highlight the natural beauty of the eyes and achieve a stunning effect with the help of high-quality makeup, in which long, fluffy and flirtatious eyelashes will play a significant role.

Long eyelashes - a dream

It is they who are able to make the look deeper and brighter, increase the eyes visually and give the woman a special insight and attractiveness in the look. But what to do if nature has not rewarded with such female weapons?

From short, straight and liquid cilia little sense, even a special mascara with all sorts of lengthening and twisting effects, sometimes not able to save the situation.But there is no need to despair, because you can come to the aid of false eyelashes, which can be represented in various shapes, sizes and colors, it remains to choose the option you want and stick beautifully.

It turns out that the first artist who invented the use of such a simple, but very interesting accessory is the legendary Max Factor, who in 1927 suggested actress Phyllis Heiver to try to go to the theater scene with false eyelashes. Her updated image was accepted by the audience with great delight, women admired and admired such an amazing reincarnation of the main actress of the theater.

Since that time, artificial eyelashes have become increasingly popular, women are not even embarrassed by their relatively high price and other shortcomings that were associated with their application to the eyes.

Bright makeup without them is impossible

It was only in the early 2000s that the Japanese stylist offered to glue the eyelashes by the piece, which gave the feminine look more naturalness. In modern salons and shops you can find a variety of different false eyelashes, each of which may be suitable for a particular case or event.

For example, you can buy the usual black, thick and long eyelashes, which are the best fit for a gala evening or a business meeting, will be the perfect complement for a sophisticated evening makeup. Among them there are those that are made of natural hair, and with careful gluing they are practically indistinguishable from natural ones.

These eyelashes are made, most often, from mink or silk, and with careful care they can be used up to 30 times! But colored and bright decorative eyelashes are best suited for parties in clubs, themed evenings and photo shoots, they can be presented in a variety of forms and types: multicolored feather eyelashes, with rhinestones and even with lace, which are made of paper in the form of various abstractions, animals or figurines.

Types of false eyelashes:

  • Tuft (individual) eyelashes. This kind of looks natural and natural most, with their help, the cilia are given extra volume and length increases.
  • Tape cilia - those that are located on a common strip. For some reason they found a lot of popularity among girls: it's much easier to stick them on yourself, without outside help.As a result - voluminous, long and, depending on the type you choose, individual eyelashes. The only negative, in most cases they look less natural, but, in general, they are most suitable for some exceptional situations (photo shoot, theatrical performance, a nightclub party, etc.).
  • At half the upper eyelid. Something between the first and the second kind, most often used to give length, but look more natural than the tape.
  • Eyelashes for the lower eyelid. If you are afflicted and cilia of the lower eyelid, for them also have their own special options.

How to choose and how to glue the cilia?

It should be noted that for the purchase of false cilia, first of all, it is necessary to clarify the goal for yourself: for everyday wear, it is better to choose close to natural ones, but for a special occasion you can be pampered with something unusual. The price of such accessories will vary from the manufacturer, as well as the material from which they are made.

For puppet makeup

Usually the kit includes two plates with cilia (if you get a tape version) with a special glue.Anyone else can not be used, since it is possible to damage the health of their eyes and eyelashes, a good glue for false eyelashes should be made on latex, which best keeps cilia and is absolutely harmless to the eyes.

So, we start to stick

  • First you need to apply basic makeup, cilia must be glued at the last moment, over makeup eyes. To reduce the visible transition between the eyelids and the pasted eyelashes, it is better to draw the eyes with a black pencil or dark shadows.
  • If you decide to glue bunches, then remember that you need to start from the outer corner of the eye, gradually moving inwards. For convenience, you can use tweezers, dip each bundle in a drop of glue and apply it on the eyelid. To make the makeup look as natural as possible, try to stick to the line of your own eyelashes, and leave a small distance between the bundles - 1-2 cm. These bundles are always thin and delicate, so they can be easily removed after a holiday or event without damaging your natural eyelashes.
  • If you decide to use tape eyelashes, then they are even easier to glue beam.To begin with, it is also necessary to apply makeup, the eyelash growth line must be painted over with a black pencil or liquid eyeliner so that the black base ribbon doesn’t catch much attention.
  • Preheat the ribbon with the cilia in your hands, attach it to your eyelid and check that its edges do not extend beyond the edges of your natural eye cut. If this is so, measure out the required length and cut a piece of ribbon.
  • Apply glue on a solid arc - drop by drop on each edge, spread it to the center and wait 15-20 seconds until it dries slightly and turns into a sticky mass, so it is easier to glue the cilia. We apply the ribbon first to the middle of the century, and then gently smooth it with the fingers along the edges, press down and at the same time control that they lie on the natural line. If glue has stumbled somewhere, don't worry, it will dry out and discolor.
  • When the cilia have dried, you can put a little more mascara on your own and false cilia, and if there is a gap somewhere, you can tint it with a pencil or eyeliner.
  • It is simple to take off false eyelashes: put on them a drop of a fat cream or means for removal of a make-up, leave for several seconds, and then gently pull the edge of cilia.
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