Favorite number on Megaphone

If you often call up with your friends and relatives, and the “Unlimited” tariff is too expensive for you, the “Favorite Number” service will be an excellent solution. It is available for all regions of Russia. Next, we will talk about all the benefits of connecting your favorite numbers, rates and opportunities for profitable communication.

Features of the service "Favorite number"

Each subscriber who subscribes to the service receives unlimited opportunities to communicate with their loved ones. The number of connected numbers can be up to 5 for residents of Moscow and up to 2 for all other regions. At the same time, the discount for paying bills is 50%. Every day, the mobile company provides 1440 minutes, that is, you can not limit yourself to communicate throughout the day.

Please note that this option has its own features and limitations. So, if you have an “All Inclusive” or “Unlimited” tariff connected, you cannot use the service.

There is one more important point: with the connected services "Your network" and "Happy hours" simultaneously with "Favorite number" there will be no discount for calls. If you plan to communicate via conference call, your package will be used up for all connected connections.

How to make a favorite number on Megaphone

Anyone can activate the service. To do this, absolutely no need to contact the network operator. Just send an sms or dial a simple combination on your phone. So, we offer you two options for connecting the service:

  1. By dialing the combination * 105 * 248 * the number of the connected "favorite" subscriber #. Note that the number is entered 10-digit, then the pound and call.
  2. By sending sms, in the text of which we specify only 10 digits of the subscriber to be subscribed to number 000105248.

It is important that before you make your favorite number, the account had money to pay for the service. Connection of all subsequent subscribers under this option occurs in the interactive menu in the "My Services" section. If you have any problems with the connection, use additional voice prompts by typing the combination 0505.

Quick replacement of one favorite number to another

A subscriber who made an error while connecting the option can always correct the situation in a matter of minutes. To do this, it is enough to send an sms to the same number as when connecting, but with the text of a different format: the current favorite number and a space of 10 new digits. It is also possible to type a combination of the following format: * 105 * 242 * the number you want to replace * the new number # and press the call.

Price option "MegaFon Favorite"

By connecting one number from this service, 30 rubles will be charged from your account. The same amount will be deducted with each replacement or addition of new subscribers. There is also a daily subscription fee. It is calculated in the amount of 5 rubles for each number connected to your option.

Full service shutdown

If you decide to completely abandon this service, the company Megafon provided for three options at once:

  1. With the help of the operator of MegaFon by dialing 0500.
  2. Using a simple combination of * 105 * 248 * 0 # and a call.
  3. By making a call to number 8 (495) 507 - 77 - 77.

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