Features an unusual steampunk style

What is the steampunk style? What are some of the distinctive features and traits that reveal such an interesting direction, which is attributed to one of the branches of science fiction? Even if you have never heard such a name, believe, surely, you have often come across images of steampunk characters, landscapes, and even literary works based on the features of this style.

In general, steampunk is a special trend in science fiction that reproduces an alternative reality or civilization, where the technology of steam engines was mastered perfectly.

Steampunk covers not only a special style of clothing, it is, among other things, a special style of painting, literature, interior, costume jewelry and art in general. Recently, it has even been singled out into a separate subculture, in which young people show interest, mostly not of adolescence, but of older ones.

The concept of "steampunk" is the merger of two words: "steam", that from the English "steam", and "punk", that is, "garbage".What does this mean? In general, the style makes a huge emphasis on the human world of cars, and steam cars made in retro style.

Here you will find airships, balloons, iron robots with a huge number of gears and mechanisms, such as fantasy writers of the last century, various gear gears and so on.

All this stands out against the background of the authentic urban landscapes of Victorian England, with its cobblestone pavements, brick houses, air filled with various evaporations from the copper pipes of numerous factories, and so on.

The first part of the concept is a little clear, but what does punk have to do with it? The fact is that in this style there is a place not only for different mechanisms and gears, there are also people here! And here, just the same, the second component of steampunk is revealed, which focuses on human sins and weaknesses: greed, lust, vanity, anger and envy.

At first glance, the steampunk style can show rude and cynical, extremely pessimistic and frank, in part so it is, although it often contains healthy humor and an irrepressible measure for a bright future, which, by the way, distinguishes it quite well from a similar cyberpunk.

How does steampunk appear in clothes?

Today it is one of the most unusual and recognizable styles, on its basis fashionable clothes, characteristic decorations and attributes are created that help to recreate the special world of steam engines and perfect mechanics.

And, since by historical standards, this trend is focused on the era of Victorian England, then clothing in the style of steampunk has a close relationship with the outfits of that time, that is, the end of XIX and the beginning of XX. But do not forget about the important reservation - rather, it is stylization for those times, supplemented with bold elements of modernity.

In other words, young people who tried on such images on themselves would hardly fit into a real Victorian era, rather, their appearance could have caused scandal and outrage among the public.

Basic style things

So, suppose you decide to recreate the image in the style of steampunk, who knows, maybe for an interesting photo shoot, and maybe for a successful merger with an unusual subculture. What features and what features should such an outfit have?

Corsets and corsages.To create a female image, the corset or corsage should serve as the basis. From other artsy models that you probablyYou can find in lingerie stores, they are distinguished by an abundance of staves, buckles, straps, leather and other accessories like artificially aged gears and so on.

Most often it is worn over a white shirt, bare hands are practically not welcome. It is interesting to look at the model under the chest, ending with a shoulder belt.

Skirt. Depending on the type of steampunk (yes, yes, it still has branches) can be of different lengths, which, by the way, does not allow classic Victorian style.

Without fail, they are supplemented with ruffles, lace and, in order to achieve maximum realism, a bustle, that is, a special crinoline, which lifts the skirt from behind and slightly at the sides.

Outerwear.More daring images can be complemented by aviator jackets, men's or women's coats, tailcoats, cut to be close to Victorian. Of course, it is difficult to find something similar in regular stores, you can sew to order, borrow from the Gothic style or do it yourself.

By the way, in general, steampunk is one of those directions that is perfectly recreated with the help of your own efforts, fantasy and, of course,desire to create.

Accessories and gadgets.Conventionally, men are various themed watches, canes, cylinders, googles (from the English word “goggle”) - special safety glasses, as well as other specific decorations that are literally overflowing with “steampunk” themes, for example, levers, gears, valves, riveting and etc. But this is only conditional, many of them are used and when creating female images.

The main thing is that they should be: shabby, made of special materials such as wood, leather, shiny copper, brass. Women's accessories can be represented by bracelets, earrings, necklaces, watches, voices, brooches, the main thing is that they borrow the main motives of the direction: stones, metals, wings, keys, and so on.

Footwear.Again, with reference to the Victorian era, but now the heel-glass is optional, stylized modern interpretations are welcome.

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