Features of an unusual photo shoot in the forest

Over the past few years, rapidly developing photobusiness has grown so much that it has added to its ranks a considerable number of fans and even ordinary people who are striving to acquire beautiful and high-quality images.

In view of this, the number of ideas for possible photo shoots is growing, because everyone wants to get the most unusual, beautiful and spectacular photos. A photo session in the forest is one of these possibilities, because this beautiful place can enrich your pictures not only with a beautiful background, but also with good light, pleasant colors, and also fruitful soil for creating new ideas.

Both for the model and for the photographer it will be extremely interesting to learn how to organize a photo session in the forest? In principle, this option is available to anyone who has a camera, as well as the opportunity to get into the forest or at least a small forest belt, and then it’s a matter of fantasy.

Another big plus of such a place is its lack of humanity, the naturalness of landscapes,forest spaces literally have to shoot, the model and the photographer are hidden from prying eyes, with the result that it is much easier to loosen up in front of the camera and get the most natural shots.

In fact, this is the main difference between photo sessions in the studio or somewhere in the city center, from filming that takes place in nature. And yet, in order to make the result 100% successful, it is important to prepare for this event in advance and not forget to take into account some of the nuances.

Season and time of the photo session

Despite the fact that in the forest nature is completely on your side, to create an accurate image and ideas in general, it is important to pay attention to such a moment as the time of the day. It is best to conduct photo shoots early in the morning or a couple of hours before sunset: it is at this time that the best lighting is available, the images are obtained without glare, dazzling, narrowed eyes and mimic wrinkles.

Soft sunlight literally paints pictures in a pleasant golden color, and also decorates the skin of the model in an even noble shade.

The time of the year is also an important factor, which is especially taken into account when creating fashionable thematic photo shoots.For example, in the summer it is possible to capture a riot of colors, and the model can take advantage of all the possibilities of its wardrobe, bright dresses, romantic images, ethno-style and much more will be appropriate during this period.

It is in the summer that the overwhelming majority of love-stories, wedding, and beautiful portrait shots are filmed. In the spring, during flowering and universal "awakening" of nature, gentle, feminine and very subtle images are obtained. In the fall, gold leaves on the side of photos, and in winter you can always get unusual and bright pictures in the snow.

How to prepare?

It all depends on what style you're going to shoot, and what the direction of the photo shoot is - romantic, children's, wedding or just a photo session for yourself. But, in any case, so that the image in the photos turned out bright, holistic and harmonious, it is very important to think over the combination of all components: clothing, make-up, hair, shoes, accessories, terrain.

Perhaps it will be an open forest edge, a place on the shore of a reservoir, or deep forest jungle - it all depends on the original idea.

Make-up and hairstyle should be thought out in advance - it is important that they are natural, but emphasizing your beauty.Too bright shadows, complex hairstyles will look inappropriate in the forest, the only exception is thematic photo shoots in which an image of a particular character can be created, for example, a witch or a forest nymph.

By the way, it is them who, most often, are used by girls for a photo shoot in the forest - the pictures are always bright, unusual and rich. And what, every woman is a bit of a witch or a sorceress, isn’t she?

As for the clothes - in principle, they can be anything. Beautiful long dresses, sundresses will do, except for the ultra-short mini for going to nightclubs. Very interesting are light white shirts or sarafans, wreaths in hair and hands, vintage dresses or gothic themes may come in handy, of course, everything depends on the subject of the event.

Pay attention to the shoes - it should be comfortable, after all, you have to not only pose, but also move between locations. In general, taking with you too many things into the forest is not the best option, because all of them will have to be carried by you.

If this is a joint romantic photo session, then make sure that you are in harmony with each other - jeans will do,the girl’s short shorts and the boy’s jeans breeches, checked shirts, if cool — knitted sweaters, hats, mittens and scarves.

Do not forget to take care of the accessories: a bright blanket (for a halt and photos), a bunch of wild flowers, a fruit basket and so on can be useful. In any case, no matter what image you choose, it will be interesting and beautiful in its own way, as long as it is able to reflect your state of mind and attitude.

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