Features of plywood for the floor

Plywood for the floor

The reason for using plywood in the form of a floor covering is its many unique qualities. Due to the fact that it has an attractive look of natural wood, dimensions allow installation quickly, and it serves for a very long time, plywood received special attention among specialists. To make or level a floor with a plywood plate is the quickest and most profitable. Among the features of this material there are 3 parameters, which are repelled when choosing:

  1. Moisture resistance. The ability to resist moisture is very important for the material. This is especially important for private buildings, where contact with the surface of the ground or concrete pad is expected.
  2. Sustainability. Making of wood material (veneer) makes plywood environmentally friendly. It is necessary for indoor use. For maximum environmental friendliness, you should use not containing formaldehyde or having its minimum volume.
  3. Processing quality.Polished floor plywood allows not only to level the floor, but also to create a high-quality coating. Sheets that do not require further processing reduce the time for additional work and repair and construction work as a whole.

The effect of grading on the characteristics of plywood for flooring

Grading is one of the first important criteria for the selection of plywood, as it affects parameters such as price and target application. According to GOST 3916.1-96, this building material is divided into 5 grades:

  1. 4th grade. It has the lowest quality through a large number of defects. Since the sampling of defective areas is too expensive, its best application is laying with a subfloor, which is subsequently coated with higher quality sheets.
  2. 3rd grade. Better than the previous one, but the number of defects does not yet allow the use of finishing coatings. Suitable when laying on top of parquet, laminates, tiles. Durability and moisture resistance remain.
  3. 2 grade. The presence of cracks not exceeding 20 cm in length makes the sheets an excellent flooring for linoleum, with a preliminary seal of cracks.
  4. First-class plywood.High quality guarantees the material to be not only a first-class draft, but also a finishing coating, since there are almost no defects.
  5. Elite (E) sheets. The most expensive and most aesthetically attractive option. The perfectly smooth finish is also a skillful décor that transforms the surface of the floor into real natural elements.

Influence of plywood composition on the formation of features

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