Features of Poodle Haircut

Poodles are, probably, the most cheerful, charming, kind and aristocratic dogs, able to cheer up their master even in the most difficult moments for him. All the above advantages should also be attributed to their proud posture, peaceful nature, mobility, flexibility and intelligence. It is worth noting that the ancestors of modern poodles, which, according to legend, used to live in North Africa, left them the best qualities. And really, pay attention to how your pet meets at the door. His teeth can contain master's slippers or, for example, a newspaper.

So, if a poodle lives in your house, then it needs proper care, since this breed of dogs is the most aristocratic. First of all, the animal should be bathed regularly (once every 1-2 weeks), using special shampoos and conditioners-balms. Drying wool is done gradually, in natural conditions, as the animal is usually frightened fena.Combing is done in the last step.

This breed of dogs due to its playfulness and cheerfulness at first does not come into the hands of the hairdresser, behaves restlessly and constantly breaks down to the owner. However, after only a few sessions, the poodle gets used and then even strives to get rid of thick hair. By the way, it is worth noting that he doesn’t completely shed, besides, this breed has no undercoat, so haircuts must be done regularly.

You can choose a photo of a poodle's hairstyle that you like on the Internet and show it to a specialist. He will certainly fulfill all the wishes of the client, turning your dog into an elegant, sweet and good-natured creation, which is now ready to be shown at the international exhibition.

Poodles are generally clipped so that the shaved legs allow the animal free movement and swimming in the water. Long hair on the chest (the so-called mane) is left solely to protect the respiratory system from all sorts of hypothermia. In addition, it gives the dog a more aristocratic look. A pom-pom on the tail protects it from the pricks of prickly plants and bushes,and the ribbon on the head serves not only as an ornament, but also collects tufts of wool in the fur coat so that they do not fall on the eyes. Thus, poodles are sheared not only for the sake of a presentable appearance, but for convenience.

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