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Feeling better through play

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See Sue play. Come join Sue in play. How long has it been since you've acted like a kid? I recommend it highly. I try to act juvenile every chance I get, at least when it's appropriate. By appropriate I mean I try not to embarrass my husband in public, although he can be pretty goofy himself. He just does it in a more adult way. It helps to have small children or grandchildren help you shake loose the bonds of adulthood. Munching on a bag of popcorn, filling your mouth with a Tootsie Pop sucker, especially the one with a chocolate center or baking a batch of cupcakes with sprinkles. I like stuffing a bag of fruit treats in my pockets to be discovered by little hands when I visit the grandkids. A bottle of bubbles to blow works like a charm, always. A pack of bubble gum is always fun. Can you still blow a bubble? When was the last time you got bubble gum all over your nose? Act up, be crazy and kick up your heels, figuratively if not literally. There's really nothing quite like it for making you feel less pain and more joy.

I love to march around the house with my small grandchildren, their large brown chocolate lab named Herb, bringing up the rear as we have all the accoutrements of a toy band. We don't look like the band at the end of the Music Man. Remember that one, with about 100+ members? We more closely resemble Winnie the Pooh, Christopher Robin and Piglet. Drums roll, tambourine and bells are shaken and a loud, obnoxious horn is blown. It's a blast, literally. Marching at our own pace, noise at a decibel to shake the windows and everyone is having a wonderful time.

I can't really explain what happens when we adults act like children, but it feels good. It doesn't seem to matter if we are injured, ill or depressed. Children know how to have pleasure and they can plug you into that magic. It sort of builds up in your gut and spills out in laughter and song. How long has it been since you clucked like a chicken, screeched like a monkey and let out a major MOO?

I agree with the unknown source who said, “Life is too important to be taken seriously.” Awe come on. We can't grieve for our lost health all the time. Let's look at it logically. You have 24 hours to live every day. Do you want to feel your pain every moment by concentrating on it, filling your mind with your misery OR would you rather laugh and have a good time?

When my husband has had a particularly bad day at work, I know I can get him out of a bad mood by making him laugh. A funny movie or TV show, a humorous email from a friend or just a funny memory or anecdote. Laughter and humor trump depression every single time.

Many of the animated movies are actually funnier to adults than to the children because we “get them.” Inside jokes from the producer's childhoods tune into ours and bring back wonderful, funny memories. How long has it been since you've seen "Toy Story" or "Toy Story 2"? Have you rented the new animated movie "Cars"? Anything with Bugs Bunny in it works for my spouse. Maybe you're an old Jerry Lewis fan, or go way back to Abbott and Costello? What tickles your “funny bone?” We need to remember we have a “funny bone. When you live with chronic pain, the enemy is self-absorption. Sometimes, you and I need to get over ourselves.


Last Updated:3/22/2007
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Feeling better through play
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