Felting bright cheese slippers

For felting slippers in the form of cheese, we need:

  • Merino wool (Australian), about 200 grams;
  • wool carded for mice, about 100 grams;
  • material (mesh);
  • strapping yarn;
  • hook;
  • template from the substrate;
  • bamboo mat;
  • massage roller;
  • gloves;
  • soapy water;
  • water spray;
  • PVC film;
  • towel;
  • beads for the eyes.

1. Making a template.

To begin with, we will determine the size of the product. I needed to make sneakers size 37. Apply a sheet with the size of the template and add on each side to 5-6 cm (I do so). Then we cut and cut. Done! It turned out 2 big paws 🙂

2. Begin laying the wool (only two shades of yellow). Merino wool (Australian).

We first lay out the light yellow wool vertically in a thin layer so that there is very little wool at the edges. We straighten the wool and gently draw it with the palm so that the edges are not clamped, but pulled out freely. Then horizontally. And so only 4 layers of light wool, alternating laying horizontally and vertically.

We take a spray with soapy water (diluted soap solution, about 1:10 dishwashing liquid or liquid soap) and spray the first side of the sneakers.

We gently cover the slippers with a net so that the wool does not leave when dodging.

3. We begin to get away.

Hooray! At last!

We catch the massage roller. We roll in different directions (100 times), so that the wool is well knit. When the wool is mated, then you can continue to roll already without a net. If you try to pinch the wool with two fingers and it is dense, then this side is felted.

We turn over to the other side - we fold the wool onto the pattern, spread 4 layers in a thin layer (lengthwise and crosswise, as was done with 1 side). Pulling the wool palm gently and freely, doing the same procedure.

The first layer is ready!

Now we lay out the second color (bright yellow) in the same way, 4 layers on one side and 4 layers on the other.

Good three edges of sneakers. We fall down, both with a roller and with our hands (for better sliding it is better to wear gloves). Besides, I personally have an allergy to wool, I cannot work without gloves.

4. Now we are engaged in shrinking slippers.

We roll the roller for a long time until the wool has completely covered the pattern.

Make an incision and cut out the hole about 6 * 4 cm, pull out the template.

We remove excess liquid with a towel. Put the slippers on a towel and wrap in a roll. We roll far and wide.

Now we go to the bathroom. Again, we moo and roll further. We beat off slippers with a culinary hammer from different sides (it is possible to stub with something else). Three bamboo mat, wash each other (subject to any mechanical impact so that the wool evenly sat down).

After that, rinse slippers under a contrasting shower (hot then cold, 2 times), then squeeze.

Again we roll in the towel.

We get here such a product!

5. Now let's do the decor.

In the same cheese should be holes?

If done correctly, it was necessary to lay the film on the noses of the slippers in the form of circles before laying out the second color so that the wool does not pile up in these places. But I've already done quite well 🙂

I did not enclose anything. Approximately figured out where the holes should be.

Now cut out! We go to the bathroom.

We repeat the procedure (a contrast shower, we remove all the cut-out holes, we rub on both sides, squeeze and dry in a towel).

Give sneaker shape.You can again pootbivat hammer to shape the heels and noses.

That's what happened!

Dry for 1 day.

6. Sew on the sole.

When the slippers are dry, you can proceed to decorating and sewing the sole.

My sole is leather, about 2-3 mm thick.

7. Now we tie.

Hole punch holes and tie around. Just one row.

7. We decorate slippers.

Roll from the card mouse: dad, mom and mouse.

And we get these cheese slippers.

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