Five best Soviet films for teenagers

Psychologists recommend watching movies with children - it helps to establish contact. And in inclement weather, this is the best family pastime.

Open to the child the world of the heroes of your childhood - those with whom you laughed, cried, sang, danced, sad, inspired, fell and rose ...

Scarecrow, 1983

What is the movie about?The girl Lena is forced to resist the attacks of her classmates, who staged her a real persecution for "betrayal." The guys had the opportunity to go on an excursion to Moscow, they themselves earned money for the trip, but the day before they escaped from the lessons in the cinema. One of the students, Dima Somov, caught by the teacher, admitted where everyone had gone. Lena in love, wanting to help a friend, took the blame. And the true "traitor" did not have the courage to admit.

The cheerful open girl from the very beginning did not understand that they were laughing at her. And she sincerely took the boycott for the game. But in the end the Scarecrow was stronger, bolder, more sincere and cleaner than those who mocked her.

What topics raises?Bullying at school remains a problem today.And the worst thing is that adults often close their eyes to this, apparently considering everything as childish fun. They even turn out to be so immature that they can take sides with offenders, like Moti’s mother in the film. Why so much hate and cruelty in 12-year-old schoolchildren? All from the same parents surrounding adults, who set an example for their behavior and indifference. The film touches the theme of courage and cowardice, true and ostentatious kindness, true friendship and mean betrayal.

Why watch with children?Stop and think about what is happening in the life of your student. Discuss why it is impossible to persecute other children, no matter what mistake they made. And, of course, to remind you that in case of such troubles, the child will always find protection and support in the face of loved ones.

Quote from the movie:

We are kids from the cage, that's who we are.

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