For a free trip, the girl turned a small van into a cozy bedroom.

A young girl Marina decided to recover on her own. It was important for her not to limit herself to a specific route, and to take along her beloved dog. Unfortunately, most low-cost hotels and hostels do not provide such an opportunity. Therefore, the traveler made the decision to re-equip her Renault Cango car into a motor home. The project seemed to Marina very interesting, and she laid out all the stages of rework in her blog. The project got its start due to the ban of most hotels on the settlement of guests with dogs. As a result, the girl received a cozy mobile bedroom in which you can stay with a four-legged friend.

During the project, Marina gave her car the name Pam, and made detailed photos of each stage of work.It was important that the dog girl named Odie felt well in the new mobile home.

The girl keeps her blog in English. She described in detail what car brands are best suited for such alterations. In addition, the main types of thermal insulation materials, upholstery and finishing coatings are described.

The girl equipped her Pam with an individual electronics system, a gas stove, a comfortable bed and a place for luggage.

The idea of ​​rework fascinates! It is hard to believe that all this work was done for the sake of Marina’s beloved dog.

The girl had to independently understand most of the technical aspects of redevelopment. In this photo Marina mounts the necessary wires.

Traditional linoleum was chosen as the final floor covering. It is elastic and withstands significant temperature changes.

But the process of creating a small kitchenette. The girl herself set a small countertop, which will become the basis for a gas stove.

Textile curtains will save from direct sunlight. The girl chose natural fabric and securely fixed it on the windows of the back of the car.A large curtain of the same material separates the bedroom from the driver’s cabin.

The stove is powered by a portable gas bottle. His Marina placed right under the table top. Next - a small supply of food and necessary utensils.

The girl raised the bed several centimeters, placing a place for luggage storage under an improvised bed.

The work is finished, and you can supplement the bed with a comfortable wide mattress. Odie is ready to travel!

All subscribers of Marina wish her and Odie a great road.

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