Former husband Courtney Kardashian supports her after breaking up with her boyfriend

Well, who would have thought: the first to put Courtney Kardashian’s shoulder after her break with the 25-year-old fashion model Younes Bendzhimoy was Scott Disik, the girl’s former civil husband, with whom she spent nearly 9 years. "Courtney was dumbfounded by his care and attention. Scott usually does not mind prying or teasing her, and in their life together he often became the cause of her sufferings, but in the case of Younes he fully sided with her, ”said a source.

This alone would be great to upset the girl Disika, 19-year-old Sophia Richie. And then there was Kylie Jenner Courtney and Scott at a party in honor of coming of age, they were seated side by side, like bosom friends. Sophia, of course, no one invited, so she learned about it from Stories Kim: “Look at them, doves! They sit in phones like all married couples! ”- Kimi’s mocking voice is heard behind the scenes.

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