Gabion - a fashionable trend in landscape design, or what can be created from a grid and stones

Spring is coming. Winter efforts begin to fade into the background, giving way to future dacha issues. Soon they will occupy a dominant position for those who love their garden, devoting a lot of time to designing a suburban site and trying to bring into its arrangement a sort of zest that would distinguish it from neighboring sites.

In this publication, we wanted to show an element used in landscape design, which allows for terracing and zoning of the territory of the site, creating flower beds and interesting architectural forms. The possibilities of this element are endless! As they say, how many people - so many ideas 🙂

We present to your attention a gabion (in translation "a large cage"). In the language of builders, this design is called a gabion net product.It sounds a bit dry, but the effect is amazing! This fashion element consists of a carcass that is made of a three-dimensional wire mesh. The frame can be given any shape. The resulting form is filled with stone. His choice depends solely on your taste and desire 🙂

How gabion can be applied on your site? Let's watch!

In areas with a large height difference, gabion can serve as a retaining wall.

With it, you can zone the territory of the site.

We decided to upgrade the fence? And here the gabion will come to the rescue! By the way, I will say that the gabion structure will serve as a good sound insulation.

The recreation area, decorated with gabions, acquires a characteristic natural style. With the help of gabion constructions it is possible to make a fireplace, barbecue, garden furniture.

With the help of gabion, you can diversify garden flower beds, creating classic and water beds.

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