Gabions on the plot: practical, aesthetically and functionally

An excellent design move that allows you to transform the space and emphasize the features of the landscape are gabions. In fact, such structures are cells filled with decorative stone. With it, you can strengthen the ground, mark the terraces and zone the space. In addition to the well-thought-out functionality, the frame structures look solid and add respectability to the site. They can have a variety of forms.

The cost of gabions is much lower than that of the fundamental stone structures. Moreover, if desired, the filling of the metal cage can be changed, and the design itself can be transferred from one place to another.

Easy to make gabions by yourself. To do this, you can use a finished metal mesh or wire. Having built the frame, it will remain to fill it with the appropriate material.

Unique is not only the presentable appearance of the gabion structures, but also their ability to absorb noise.

At the same time, gabions can be used exclusively as a decorative element.

Find ready-made cells in the trade network.

Having set a goal, it is easy to make a gabion by yourself. Rectangular design is easier to make than figure.

Different types of materials are easy to combine. It is not necessary to fill the volume frame with a certain type of stone or wood completely. The space in the middle, if necessary, can be filled with bags of sand or earth.

Gabions look spectacular in combination with small architectural forms of various types.

Many interesting things about gabions can be found in the suggested videos.

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