Gentle butterfly for decoration

A huge number of unnecessary things can be turned into wonderful things. In the process of work, putting the soul into the craft, you feel how a little beauty is born, inspiring new masterpieces right away. To make a delicate butterfly, we need the following materials: • plastic bottle ; • paper; • pencil, felt-tip pen; • scissors; • glue; • • varnish; • • decor (fabric, threads, beads). Production steps: 1. We take a bottle and cut a piece of plastic of sufficient size from it to put the stencil of our future butterfly on it.
 cut a piece
2. Now on a piece of paper draw a butterfly. It is desirable that it be symmetrical. To do this, you can draw a butterfly half, fold the paper and cut the drawn part.
 drawing a butterfly
 cut the butterfly
3.Cut a paper butterfly.
 apply to plastic
4. We overlay the stencil on plastic, stroke it with a felt-tip pen and cut it out.
 Cut out a butterfly from plastic
5. Carefully, so as not to break, bend the wings. Making the butterfly volumetric.
bend the wings
6. Now begins the most interesting process, creative. Unleash your imagination, and very soon a gentle butterfly will fly out from under your arms. Use the stencil. We put it on the fabric and cut it. Paste the stencil fabric on a plastic butterfly. Allow to dry.
 Put it on the fabric
 Paste the fabric stencil 7. Next, we use the threads and glue with loops to decorate the wings of the moth.
 decorate the wings of the moth
8. A butterfly will be better kept if you varnish everything.Yes, and he will give shine.
 Now we glue small beads
9. Now glue the small beads. Sparsely sticking, so as not to overload the craft. After all, our butterfly should be gentle.
 glue a small magnet
10. On the body of the butterfly on the other side we glue a small magnet. Now, such beauty can be attached to any metal surface, but also on the curtain.
 This will be the antennae
11. From plastic we cut out two thin stripes. This will be the antennae. Glue them to the head. At the ends of the antennae are placed on the bead. The gentle butterfly is ready.
 Tender butterfly for decor

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