Get married really at any age

Virtually every girl dreams of a graceful wedding dress, a magnificent wedding with a sweep and a serene married life. Currently, the Internet has a lot of information about happy marriage, but not all of this information is complete and specific. In this article we tried to highlight all the nuances of a successful marriage and the selection of a worthy candidate for the role of the groom. There are a few rules.

Material wealth - not the main thing

No normal man will tolerate the relationship to himself as a bag of money, or the man himself will treat you appropriately, it is worth understanding. Therefore, lovers of rich "daddies" need, first of all, to think about whether it is worth the "game of the candle." When it comes to real feeling, the material side of itself goes into a secondary plan, because if a woman does everything right, then the man next to her becomes a strong and successful person. Is not it great to reach the tops together?

Many dream of this day

Think what is more important to you.

Again, let us return to the previous question about material wealth. If for a woman, after all, the material well-being of a man is more important than feelings, then it is necessary for such a person to put a ban on those men who do not reach your “bar”. It is necessary to keep your emotions, feelings in yourself and not showing them, to draw your own conclusions about aspects of your interest. If, on the contrary, for a woman it is more important than feeling, and material wealth is in second place, then she needs to open up for a partner, exposing her feelings if she feels anything for him.

Do not run ahead

You do not need to rush things in such matters, because you may have to spend your whole life with the person you choose. Therefore, your chosen one needs to know as “your five fingers”. Once you start living together, hurriedly, the general life will begin, property acquired jointly will appear, and in case of divorce there will be litigation, and as a result spoiled nerves and relationships. That is why in order to avoid the above, do not speed up your marriage, but rather get to know your partner, start to trust him.

Do not be led by minute weakness

It often happens that when meeting a girl, a man turns out to be extremely attentive and courteous. He gains her attention with his self-confidence, good looks, and so on. A girl like this guy accordingly begins to like and those emotions that originate in a girl, result in elegant sex. Then comes the period of such a relationship, accompanied by a beautiful "love story", dating, passionate sex.

Release the situation and enjoy life.


A girl under the authority of such attraction does not think at all about the question regarding the personality of the partner, does not think who his parents are, does not bother him with his material well-being, does not think about what the future holds for them, that is, lives in the present day. And when an offer to marry follows from him, she agrees, because she feels good with him at this second ...

After the wedding, this euphoria ends, and it is replaced by disappointment. She learns all about his character, friends, lifestyle, and realizes that they are two completely different people. Unfortunately, very rarely such stories end in a happy marriage.


The key to a happy family life is the ability to come to a marriage to a compromise, that is, the ability to sacrifice for a loved one a bad habit, their own interests for the benefit of the family. Not everyone is capable of this. It should be realized that it is impossible to just take "successfully to marry" successfully, a happy marriage is an endless work on relationships in which you and your partner change somewhere yourself, and somewhere your attitude towards some things. In their marital relationships, one must look for strengths and do not attach much importance to unpleasant little things, correcting them from time to time.

Do not marry out of pity

There are women who because of their lack of will or lack of character, disappointed in a man, are not able to refuse him if they are connected by a long romantic story. They believe that by doing so they are obliged to continue the relationship, and, as a rule, marry such men. Accordingly, such marriages, in the end, end in divorce.

Such torments worry and those women who, after an unsuccessful marriage, already having children, are afraid to lose, as they think the last chance.And agree to marry a man, which is called "if only it was."

Thus, here the next principle of successful marriage can be considered the ability to take care of your happiness, because no one will do it for you.

How to get married "far from a girl"

As already known, the most dangerous woman is a woman in 30 years, she is still beautiful, but not so stupid. Therefore, marriage for her is not only a goal, but already a way to try out her feminine cunning and ingenuity in practice.

However, a lot of frustrations are caused by girlfriends who have already managed to get married, have children and live happily, as if asking you with reproach: “When will you finally get married?”

Life is simple - you will find fate

The main problem is where to find the same man. It is good if he meets you at an exhibition of automotive equipment or electronics, where psychologists usually advise you to get acquainted, but unfortunately this is not always possible. If he does, he will most likely be busy. And according to how much you want to marry - this is not our option. Therefore it is necessary to visit those places where there are single men.

A woman should strictly abide by one important rule - not to look for in each man a potential contender for the hand and heart. All men feel this feature of women "after 30".They are much more curious to meet with one that no matter how willing a serious relationship and not in a hurry. The main thing is to set yourself up correctly. Very often, such women fail to find a man because of some internal attitudes and prejudices acquired by their life experiences.

No need to complain that you are somehow not so, and because you find it difficult to find a suitable man. But many women in Russia are experiencing the same problem, and it lies in the mentality of the Russian man. Therefore, it is possible to look for a free man of about his own age in countries of Europe, Canada, where the average age for marriage of a man is considered the rule. For such purposes in our age there is the Internet, or marriage agencies.

Above all, it is necessary to know and feel the requirements that you make to your chosen one, all these points will need to be clarified at the initial stage of acquaintance, in order not to waste precious time in vain.

No need to worry if the first or second time does not work, the one who is looking for sure will find its own, you need only a little time and patience, you need to mentally let go of the situation, and everything will come to your hands.If the main offer has already been received from the man, do not hurry, live in his country, summarize the information about him, about his rhythm of life and draw the appropriate conclusions.

In the west, marriage contracts (contracts) are very popular. Before marriage, it is necessary to clarify all points of interest to you in order to avoid unpleasant collapses.

And finally, the most important thing - remember, believe and love yourself. When you love yourself, others will love you. Engage in self-development, go to interesting events, take a foreign language course, let you be interested in yourself - and you will succeed!

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