"Ghost" and 7 more films about ghosts

Ghosts are not only scary, but also very charming and even romantic. We remembered good ghost movies that only wanted the best.


The cult melodrama of the 90s with Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore still causes tears and instills confidence that true love exists, and retribution awaits all villains.
The immaculate happiness of Sam and Molly is invaded by a hired thug who kills Sam. But even the deceased Sam White does not leave his beloved. In the form of a ghost, he tries to save her from the machinations of a colleague, and helps him in this eccentric medium of Ode Mae Brown.
"Ghost" anyone can retell from cover to cover, but it's just as pleasant to review how nice it is to meet old friends. Include and see that the action of the film for almost thirty years has not changed: all cry in the finale. The potter's wheel is still the same erotic fetish, fragile Molly still does not wear a bra under T-shirts, Oda Mae Brown also has a kosolapit on his heels, and Sam still loves Molly, and their love is eternal.

"Sixth Sense"

A mystical drama about a nervous boy who talks to ghosts. Nine-year-old Cole constantly sees dead people, but even his own mother (Toni Collette), pretty scared by his son’s visions, doesn’t believe him. With Cole begins to work eminent child psychologist Malcolm Crow. He is not able to discourage ghosts from the delicate little boy, but he comes very close to answering the question about the boy’s connection with the ghosts and himself ...
The final, which made “The Sixth Sense” the best film directed by M. Night Shyamalan, will turn everything upside down.

"The Scary"

Before embarking on the Lord of the Rings trilogy, Peter Jackson shot a black comedy about the walking dead with the star “Back to the Future” by Michael J. Fox.
The cunning medium Frank actually sees ghosts, but uses his gift only for the purpose of enrichment. Frank's friends, haunting ghosts, attack the homes of decent citizens and intimidate entire families. Psychic Frank, as the only savior, is and pretends to drive the ghosts away. Naturally, for a decent amount.
But one day, Frank encounters a terrible Soul Collector that scares not only people, but also ghosts.

"Hello, ghost"

A charming South Korean comedy about how four departed ghosts populated the depressed boy Kana San-man. San-man tried to get rid of the souls of the dead by all means, but he did not succeed until the very end, which will change everything.
Ghosts lodge in his small apartment: one unceremoniously smokes his face, the second one weeps in three streams, the third one unwrapsily wraps cakes, the fourth one does not miss a single skirt. The situation is aggravated by the fact that all this San-man has to do himself. At the same time, he must fulfill the cherished desire of each of this tedious four.

"Heart and Soul"

A romantic comedy about the ghosts, accompanied by the hero Robert Downey - Jr..
Baby Thomas is born at the moment when four strangers die in a bus accident. The souls of these people will be with Tommy all the time, but only when he becomes an adult, they will realize that he can help them leave this world. Thomas, played by the immensely charming Robert Downey Jr., will deal with the affairs of the shy baritone, the mother of a large family, the loving waitress, and a womanizer with a tender soul.


The comedy of Alexander Voitinsky with Fyodor Bondarchuk and Semyon Treskunov from The Good Boy.
Yuri Gordeyev is a talented aircraft designer and playboy who dies in a crash a few days before the important presentation of the new aircraft. After his death, the project is taken away by competitors, and Gordeev, who looms on earth as a ghost, is eager to upset their insidious plans. In this he will be helped by a botanist from the eighth grade, Vanya Kuznetsov, the only one who now sees Gordeyev. A moderately funny and sentimental comedy in which Bondarchuk does not play himself at last.

"City of ghosts"

A comedy about how the ability to see the dead helped to learn to love the living. The disgusting dentist misanthrope Pincus survived a clinical death, after which it turned out that the city in which he lives is full of ghosts of dead people. Especially it is got by the ghost of businessman Frank, who demands to prevent the wedding of his widow. In the center of this misanthropic comedy is a pretty actor's trio: the sociopath of Pinkus is played by the comedian Ricky Gervais, the selfish Frank is Greg Kinnear, and the pretty widow is Tea Leoni.

"Between heaven and earth"

Romantic comedy of Mark Waters with Mark Ruffalo and Reese Witherspoon as lovers.
David rents an apartment where he finds a cute and very corrosive ghost girl Elizabeth. While young people understand the reasons for joining the other world, they manage to fall in love with each other.

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