Hairstyles for prom for short hair

Graduation party is the most joyful and exciting event in the life of any schoolgirl. The ball is remembered for many years, so you need to take it very seriously to prepare it. An important role is played not only by the dress and makeup, but also by the hairstyle, which should be beautiful, fashionable and stylish. If you have not grown a long head of hair, you should not be too upset. Stylists offer many options for haircuts and styling.

By the way, the designers came to the general conclusion that short haircut is by far the most stylish. What short hairstyles will be the most fashionable in 2015? In this article, we will be happy to tell you about the trends of the upcoming season and show them in the photo.

Basic Tips

Before styling hair must be wet. Otherwise you will not be able to give them the correct form. The easiest option for hairstyles at the prom is to wash your hair, dry it with a hairdryer, make a parting on the right or left side, pin the strands with a beautiful barrette and curl the curls slightly. Add volume will help the brush of medium diameter.Be sure to purchase beads, hairpins or artificial flowers.

Fashion trends 2015

Designers are advised to experiment in 2015 and not be afraid to create an image of a bully beauty. The fashion will be "artistic mess" on the head. And so, to make the right styling, use hair gel. Comb your hair back, make a little bouffant, add volume with a hair dryer and varnish. A brooch or a shiny pin on the top of the head will look great. Look at the photo below. The model gathered the hair back, decorating them with a beautiful accessory.

If you have a bang, then pay special attention to it. You can comb it on any side, or simply remove it with a hairpin. The bangs create an image of a flimsy girl, while an open forehead emphasizes noble origins. We recommend to note that the bangs emphasize the eyes, visually making them more. In the photo, the girl shows a long bang falling over her eyes.

For cutting the square, a careless laying will do. Divide hair into two identical zones. Next, dry them with a hair dryer, create the necessary volume. If you want to make curls, then curl the curls on the curling.Harnesses are best suited for short car. With the help of Invisibles, fasten them all over your head. Also the trend of the upcoming season will be retro-style. Create your own hairstyle in the style of the 60-70s! Apply mousse and gel to wet hair. Next, create light waves, pinning the curves of the invisible. Decorate your hair with a feather or pearls or pick up a hat with a veil.

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