Hanging candle holder of cans

Materials and tools:

  1. the jar should be higher than the candle in order for the candle to drop completely into the jar;
  2. Candle;
  3. tough and well-bending wire (aluminum).

Step 1

From the wire we will bend the candle holder - it will hold the candle and hang it by the edge of the can. We first bend the end that will hold the candle, then leave the straight part of the wire long so that the candle completely falls into the can and reaches the bottom of the can, and from the other end we make a hook to hang it over the edge of the can. The wire should be tough enough to hold the shape and bend easily - thick aluminum wire is ideal.

Step 2

Now, from the wire, we will make a “hanger” for the can (see diagram). First, approximately in the middle of the wire, we twist its small piece into a spiral leaving the eyelet, then wrap the neck of the can and connect the ends of the wire, twisting them together, bend the end of the wire in the form of an arc, turn it in the ear, turn it and twist it.

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