Hawaii - a vacation that you will remember for a lifetime

What is the Hawaiian Islands? Probably every person has something sweet, heavenly and tropical with this concept: sandy beaches, palm trees and breathtaking sunsets, rest, a state of complete relaxation. And this is all really about Hawaii!

Even without having been there once, you know for sure that rest on the Hawaiian islands is like visiting a paradise that is located on planet Earth. It is difficult to call it a delusion, because these extraordinarily beautiful tropical islands, which are comfortably spread out among the gentle waters of the Pacific Ocean.

Perfect beaches and water

The fiftieth state of the United States, which is considered to be one of the most beautiful and amazing places on earth, intended for recreation, meets with pleasure every year thousands of tourists.

For those who are not strong in geography, we’ll specify that Hawaii is not the only island, it is a whole archipelago that consists of as many as 162 islands, of which only six are inhabited. Six of the existing islands are open to tourists, each of them has a special nature and infrastructure, they are strikingly different from each other, sometimes impressive contrasts are found even within the same island!

It’s probably unrealistic to decide which of the islands is the best for holidays and the most interesting for traveling, therefore everything depends on personal preferences and desires. If there is a possibility, then it is worth to visit each of the islands, naturally, not at once. Within one holiday, it is better not to be exchanged for permanent journeys, especially since it will be necessary to overcome considerable distances.

Cool huts

If you are interested in how to organize a vacation in Hawaii, then you probably already looked at some possible options for yourself, especially since there are a lot of them here!

This is a paradise holiday on a warm and cozy beach among shady palms and pleasant drinks, diving for lovers of the beauty of the underwater world, which, by the way, in Hawaii is striking in its uncommonness and expressiveness.

Here is the capital of world surfing, North Beach, the famous Waikiki Beach - the best place for a beach holiday, as well as for those who want to try the ancient Hawaiian sport for the first time in their lives.

Perhaps you will be interested in fishing, the process of which in the Hawaiian Islands surprises and captures - a huge variety of fish will not leave anyone indifferent.

Where to go?

It all depends on what kind of recreation you prefer the most, because these islands are literally teeming with a wide variety of water sports - surfing, windsurfing, parasailing, sailing on sailing canoes, kiteboarding and many others!

Surfing paradise

If you are not a fan of outdoor activities and you have more travels to beautiful places and sights, then you will find huge caves and mysterious grottoes, ancient arches and columns, amazing animals and plants, magnificent tropical forests, ocean turquoise and alabaster mountain peaks.

Those who like a relaxing beach holiday, comfortable hotels and a developed tourist infrastructure do not stand aside, you can choose all this according to your taste and desire.

The world of bright colors

The most popular and enjoyable for a holiday vacation are two islands - Oahu and Maui. Oahu - the most populous and urbanized, it is considered the most diverse among all the other islands, here you can find a large number of attractions.

The most unique and interesting among them are the capital of Honolulu, the best beach in all the Hawaiian islands - Waikiki, a huge number of restaurants, equipped beaches, the palace of Hawaiian kings and three botanical gardens!

Maui is an island that falls in love for life, is the best option for lovers of tropical holidays, it has an inexplicable atmosphere, it is here that locals of tropical islands prefer to relax.

These sunsets are hard to forget.

The largest island is, of course, Hawaii, it attracts lovers of active leisure and adventure. Here is the main attraction - Hawaiian Volcanoes National Park. For those who do not know: the entire Hawaiian archipelago is of volcanic origin, there are 7 volcanoes on the territory of the islands themselves, some of which are still active.

It is here that you can feel the real “Hawaiian spirit”, it makes no sense to go here, if you imagine all your rest in the form of hanging out on the beach. Many travelers prefer to visit a large island solely as a day trip, just renting a transport or flying from a neighboring island.

Features rest in Hawaii

Hawaiian Islands is not just an amazing place with great nature and weather, which is preserved almost all year round, it is a real find for lovers of exotic, tiny, but very cute towns, countless art galleries and secluded natural places.

Divine nature

The flight to Hawaii, of course, will cost you dearly, Russian tourists will be most comfortable to get to Los Angeles, and only then by means of an internal flight to get to Honolulu.

You can also get to New York or Chicago, there is an opportunity to fly even from Japan, but this option is considered the most expensive. For lovers of romance, there are cruises from the shores of the United States to the Hawaiian islands, however, the price will be the same, but it will take much more time - about 3 days.

As for hotels and hotels, here you will not find the popular, recently, “all inclusive”, here you can choose for tourists - either to stay in a large hotel with pools and restaurants, where meals are provided for a fee, or to rent an apartment .

Interestingly,Hawaii apartment complexes are almost as good as hotels in terms of infrastructure; they are also located close to the pools and are surrounded by very picturesque corners of nature.

Around the hotel and apartment complexes there are always a lot of small shops and souvenir shops, where you can buy something characteristic of the Hawaiian Islands. Here you will not find the standard statues and painted T-shirts, usually in such places are sold souvenirs made by hand, which fully meet the Hawaiian spirit.

Cozy houses

As for outdoor activities, many travelers go to Hawaii due to diving, which is popular in these places. The thing is that around the islands there is a huge number of underwater reefs and a lot of colorful fish dwells among which it is very interesting to swim.

There is another, very popular and traditional activity, which is, of course, surfing. This is where surfers from all over the world gather, on almost any beach, you can take classes with instructors who will quickly help beginners get up on the board and ride the first good wave.

Perhaps the only drawback of such a heavenly place is the relatively high prices for flights and accommodation, otherwise Hawaii is probably one of the best places on Earth that allows you to relax and unwind in full.

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