Hipsters - who are they and what to expect from them?

You have probably met such words so popular lately, but not everyone knows what it means. Hipsters are people, but what kind? On the Internet, you can find a lot of radically opposing opinions on this issue, there are some rather unflattering reviews, how can you figure out the reality?

It turns out that we meet almost every day with people who represent this youth movement, although we don’t notice it or just wonder at the strange appearance of the passers-by guys.

Main stand out

So who are the hipsters? No, these are not tasty cakes and not the name of an unknown instrument, these are, according to the official definition, people who are a layer of wealthy middle-class youth, they are required to specifically dress, listen to alternative and indie music, and are also interested in modern art, art-house cinema and modern literature.

If you look back, you can find outthat the hipster movement is a completely new concept, in fact, it originated in the middle of the last century in the United States, and its representatives were people who were always “in the subject line”, or, if you turn to the English slang dictionary, “to be hip ".

In his best

These guys were originally ardent fans of jazz music, they avoided the usual social framework and disliked the society of that time.

Many things have changed since then, but the essence has remained the same: hipsters, with their appearance and specific behavior, express their special life position, which is based on internal and external freedom.

These people do not recognize modern standards, which the society is trying to impose on them, they believe in a non-consumer lifestyle, and this is where their specific appearance is tied, which is sometimes difficult to distinguish from a poor person.

Stand out from the crowd

Having the opportunity to buy expensive and branded things, hipsters refuse to do this in favor of democratic and budget brands. True, this is where the main controversy arises over this trend, for good reason, it was called the “generation of bubbles”, because these people, in pursuit of something special and simple,in their opinion, they are still tied to certain norms and frameworks, as a result, turning into a generation of similar children similar to each other.

How to understand what is in front of you hipster?

First of all, hipsters are easily distinguished directly by their appearance: sometimes deliberate carelessness mixes with a certain style, which often produces a beautiful and very non-standard picture.

Representatives of this subculture pay a lot of attention to fashion, they keep track of new products and fashion shows, they can spend hours discussing style and specialty stores where you can buy something interesting at affordable prices.

A beard is a symbol

Despite visual negligence, they pay a lot of attention to their appearance and image, on which they constantly work, hand-made articles are of particular value.

What are hipsters wearing? Most of the characteristic elements:

  • Jeans skinny (skinny) or classic straight cut. Skinny jeans have a tight fit because they have a very narrow cut. Instead of these jeans can be leggings, short jeans shorts or classic pants of any bright colors.
  • Denim and check shirts.In the wardrobe of every real hipster there should be such a thing, usually a men's shirt, without fitted undercuts, which is worn over a T-shirt or T-shirt. In general, this youth movement adheres to the unisex style, you will not find outright sexuality in a girl or a classic suit in a guy. Most often, girls wear shirts with leggings or tight jeans.
  • Sweatshirts with buttons, both in female and in men's wardrobe.
  • T-shirts and T-shirts with all sorts of prints, designs and images. Especially in honor of the image of London, which has become a kind of cult for such children, animal prints, fantastic or real, all sorts of inscriptions, uniqueness and non-standard, of course, is welcomed.
  • As for shoes, the first thing that comes to mind is sneakers. All sorts of colors and shades, favorite brand Converse, but in honor of the model and any other brands. In addition to sneakers, loafers, sleepers, brogues, tennis shoes and moccasins are welcome, girls can wear shoes with massive heels or wedge heels. Footwear is most often worn on a colored sock or even without it, moreover, so that this feature can be seen from the side.
  • Accessories and decorations.Hipsters are very fond of plastic glasses with transparent glasses, which are worn even when with vision everything is in order (of course, glasses without diopters). Sunglasses are a must-have Ray Ban, but if this is not possible, then Ray Sun will do. In addition to points, the representatives of this subculture love all kinds of massive jewelry in the form of bracelets and pendants, cuff earrings or sweets earrings, colored headbands-headbands, plastic bracelets and bags-bags with images of cult musicians or cartoon characters. It is worth noting that hipsters love to mix vintage with modern things, just the same bags always look back.

What else is different?

The features of this youth direction are based not only on clothes or any trifles, there are also certain attributes of the style, without which you cannot be a hipster.

Creative guy

Usually these are different modern gadgets, the brand is necessarily Apple (iPad, iPhone, MacBook), this is not surprising, because these guys are always interested in foreign culture and lifestyle.

Another mandatory detail is the camera, lomographs (modern plastic cameras that work with 16-frame film on a reel) are particularly welcome and are introduced into the subject of the cult.

But if this was not at hand, ordinary SLRs like Canon, Zenit, Lomo, etc. will do. We can say that lomography and photography are an integral part of such a culture.


Hipsters constantly catch moments from life, photograph what they are interested in, while not pursuing the ideal technical characteristics of the frame, the main thing is not the right light and clarity of the image, but the transfer of an important moment.

That's not all, an important attribute of every hipster is a dermatinic Moleskin gum pad, in which all important thoughts are written down or drawings are entered.

All representatives of such a movement must keep blogs, register on social networks, where the process of their cultural exchange takes place, namely the Internet is the main platform for communication.

Cute girl

What else can be said about hipsters? In spite of all the beautiful and vivid picture, unusual hairstyles and a very stylish look, there is a lot of negative about this youth movement.

Many believe that hipsters are a kind of useless stratum of society that does not produce anything, does not make any discoveries, they do not have any political or social views, they are not interested in anything other than fashion and art.

They have their own rules

On the other hand, of course, among such guys, as a result, there are many talented and extraordinary artists, photographers, writers, marketing specialists and designers, most often, they work in the creative field.

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