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Tomatoes Stuffed with Omelet

Tomatoes Stuffed with Omelet
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You will need:

Small eggs - 2 pcs.

Green onions - 5–10 feathers

Tomato - 2 pcs.

Skim milk - 40 ml




Wash the tomatoes. Exactly cut the tops with the cuttings, making something like a cap. Gently spoon with a spoon inside each tomato from the seeds and fleshy parts. Fold the insides of a tomato into a cup. Add 2 raw eggs, salt, spices and milk. Finely chop the onion feathers and place in the bowl with the eggs. Shake the mixture with a fork. Put the egg mixture inside each tomato, cover with a lid-tip, put in the form and send to the oven heated to 180 degrees for 20 minutes.

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