Home Shawarma

Sharma is a traditional Caucasian dish, but the combination of taste roasted over charcoal, meat and juicy vegetables in it will not leave anyone indifferent to a gourmet. To make shawarma at home you will need the following products: - meat; - thin Armenian or Georgian lavash; - vegetables, namely you need juicy tomatoes and cucumbers; - fresh parsley; - mayonnaise and ketchup to create the simplest sauce; - mustard, only for lovers of spicy dishes.
products for shawarma
When choosing meat, keep in mind that pork is ideal. Choose the part that has some fat, such as the neck or the back. You can cook lamb, only chicken is suitable for poultry meat. Do not use beef - it will be too hard. First, cut the meat into large pieces, then you need to cook it in one of the following ways: either fry in a very hot frying pan without a lid, or kindle a brazier in the yard and cook over charcoal,or save a few pieces of kebab from dinner the day before. Cut the cooked meat into small pieces, do not crush much - taste will be lost, and large pieces will be hard to chew. Before you start cutting vegetables, do not forget to wash them. Extract the middle of the tomato and cut only the flesh into small pieces. Cut the cucumber into four parts and crumble is not very small. Rinse the parsley thoroughly under water, you can not cut it, but pinch off each leaf.
cut meat
Spread the lavash and cut into equal parts, that is, each pita will be enough for three shawarma. All the ingredients are applied not in the middle of the product, but laterally, departing from the edge of 5-7 centimeters. First, squeeze the mayonnaise and kebab ketchup with a strip, if you like very spicy dishes, then add a third strip of mustard.
mayonnaise ketchup
Start wrapping lavash in a tube, but first bend its lower edge so that the products do not fall out and the juice does not leak.

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