Horseshoe in the house is a very useful amulet

Modern people are skeptical of different superstitions, but there is one symbol in which most of us still believe. It's about a horseshoe for luck. This amulet is popular among many nations.

Since ancient times, people believed that a horseshoe brings good luck and happiness, protects against adversity and grief. The history of this talisman is deeply rooted in the past. Every nation has its own legends and beliefs, why exactly the horseshoe became a symbol of good luck and prosperity.

It is believed that the first mention of this amulet, as a subject that brings good luck, appeared before our era. In ancient Egypt, it was customary to shoe horses, which were harnessed to the chariots of the Pharaohs, with golden horseshoes. Sometimes they lost them. A person who accidentally found such a horseshoe was provided with money for many years. He was guaranteed well-being in the family.

In the Middle Ages, horses wore iron horseshoes, but this did not diminish their value, since in those days iron was very expensive.So any person who found a lost horseshoe could get a considerable profit for it. Therefore, people considered it a symbol of good luck.

In Russia, it was believed that this amulet protects against all evil. There even existed a belief about how the devil in the form of a horse appeared to one forge. He strongly tempted the forge in the hope of taking his soul. But the blacksmith divined this idea and shod the devil. He was so hurt that he became afraid of horseshoes. Then the blacksmith hung a horseshoe on the wall and said that from now on she would protect any house on which she would hang from evil and evil forces.

And in our time this charm has not lost its relevance. In many countries on different continents, it is still considered a symbol of good luck, happiness and prosperity, and, moreover, very effective.

Let's now take a detailed look at what this talisman means, and how it should be used to get the benefit alone and no harm.

What is the secret magical action horseshoe?

The reason that this charm has such an incredible ability to attract money and happiness to the house lies in its form. Horseshoe, hung ends up, resembles a bowl, which has long been a symbol of the womb of a woman, that is, fertility.This means that it accumulates in itself all the good, and does not allow it to flow away from the house.

In addition, many experts argue that this form allows you to receive the energy of the cosmos and charge it with the whole house.

When the horseshoe is turned upside down, it resembles a dome that protects the house and all its inhabitants from troubles and grief.

Of great importance and its appearance. Only the horseshoe worn by a horse has a strong magical effect. Best of all, if it is heavily worn or even rusty. This will indicate that the shoe has accumulated a lot of positive energy. She has long protected the horse from damage, and now she will protect you from all bad things.

In addition, the extraordinary power of this amulet is connected directly with the horse. For a long time this animal has been revered by many nations for its hard work and endurance.

Of course, most good luck brings that shoeing, which you yourself have found. However, this is not so easy in our time. If earlier it could be found on any road, now it is very problematic, since horses were replaced by cars.And now they can be found only in equestrian schools, on hippodromes and in deaf villages. But this means that you need to visit them, waiting for some horse to lose a horseshoe. You can just buy it.

In this case, it is necessary to pay attention to the material from which it is made. It is best if it is metal, but wood and clay are also suitable. The main thing is that the material is natural, since plastic amulets are a simple empty shell.

Now let's talk about where and how to hang a horseshoe in the house so that it brings happiness and good luck.

Proper placement in the house

Before you hang this guard over the door, find out in which direction it is. If in the east and southeast, then it is better to refuse it, because there the element of wood reigns, and the metal will destroy its positive energy. In this case, you can hang amulet over the window or just on the wall.

If you want a horseshoe to attract money, happiness and good luck to a house, then you need to hang it with its tips up above the door on the inside of the house. Thus, it will accumulate in itself all the good, and your family will always live peacefully and in prosperity.

It is important that each of the family members hold the happiness shoe in their hands before they hang it on the wall. So she will bring good luck to each of them.

It is worth remembering that the horseshoe hanged in the house ends down will contribute to the fact that luck and money will flow away from your home.

But if the charm is attached in this way from the outside of the house, it will protect your home and family from evil people. Thus, any person who has come to the house with malicious intent will not be able to do you any harm.

Many people hang two horseshoes: inside and outside the house. This means that the house will always be a "full cup", peace, harmony and material prosperity will reign in it, and at the same time it will be protected from negative energy.

Hang a must-have man, and a woman must hold it. In this case, there should be no foreign nails in the wall.

What do you need to mount a horseshoe to the wall?

Of great importance is the way the horseshoe will be attached to the wall. Different nations have their own opinion on this.

Some believe that this charm should be nailed to the wall with a single nail,and if we succeed in securing it firmly the first time, this will indicate that the owner of the house is on the shoulder, which means that there will always be order and comfort in the house.

In other sources it is reported that it is necessary to hammer nails into all holes in the forging. Thus, all the spirits, designed to protect the house, will be firmly nailed to it.

And the Old Believers believed that it was impossible to hammer nails into a horseshoe, as it had previously been nailed to a horse. If she fell, so she wanted to be free. Therefore, they hung this guardian only with a rope.

As you can see, in order for a horseshoe to really bring good luck, you need to know how to choose it (if you cannot find it) and how to place it in the house correctly. Otherwise it will be just a simple souvenir hanging on the wall.

Luck is a changeable thing, but we hope that thanks to the horseshoe, it will always be on your side.

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