How beautiful to tie a scarf around your neck in different ways - photos and videos


It's hard to imagine a modern fashionista without a stylish scarf or scarf in the wardrobe. Thanks to him you can create a unique image, and also each time to change in a new way - you just change the technique of tying a scarf around your neck. Depending on the type of fabric, a scarf is used at any time of the year. If before it was worn exclusively for heating, today many fashionable women use this adorable accessory of the women's wardrobe simply for beauty. How beautiful to tie a scarf around your neck? There are many ways to do this.

Soft folds

In this way, you can beautifully tie both a warm and light silk scarf. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Throw the canvas on the shoulders, the ends to hang forward (one longer than the other).


  2. The long end of the handkerchief is thrown over the opposite shoulder, wrapped around the neck and again hung from the same side.


  3. Straighten the folds and again throw the same end of the kerchief on the opposite shoulder.


  4. Fasten the back with a brooch or pin.


On a note! To beautifully tie a scarf on the neck in this way, it is recommended to choose cloths with a large pattern. You can buy a product with a fringe on the edge, it will also be interesting to look. If it is beautiful to tie a woolen shawl around the neck, it will serve not only as a decoration, but also warm it in cold weather.

French knot

For those who are thinking about how to beautifully tie a large silk rectangular scarf around their neck, the process of creating a French knot is presented step by step with the photo:

  1. To fold a scarf in a long strip.
  2. Wrap the central part around the neck, cross the back. The ends of the kerchief are pulled forward.
  3. Tighten once, then move a little to one side and perform a double knot.


It remains only to smooth the scarf. He will look good with a blouse or sweater.


If you want to wear a shirt with a high collar, this method of tying a scarf in the neck can not even be considered. On the contrary, the tourniquet is successfully combined with deep cutouts.

The technique of creating a harness from the scarf is as follows:

  1. Fold the handkerchief to get a relatively long flat, the width of which is 5−10 cm. Throw over the neck so that one part is longer than the other.Both ends of the shawl are in front.
  2. Short part of the lead under the long, and then bring in the resulting loop.
  3. Each tip is wrapped from the center of the shawl, moving backwards. Smooth and add volume.


On a note! If the scarf tied with a cord is bandaged with beads, it will look gorgeous and rich.

The Cowboy Knot

The option of creating a cowboy knot from a scarf is the right solution for combining with deep cuts.

You need to do the following:

  1. Bend the fabric diagonally, resulting in a triangular scarf, which will have to be beautifully tied around the neck.
  2. A triangular handkerchief is placed with an angle forward. Behind the neck, cross the ends of the web and hang it forward too.
  3. Tighten the ends in front of the hanging corner twice.
  4. Straighten the cowboy knot, and hang the hanging corner of the scarf under the collar.


Double harness

To create a double harness from the scarf, do the following:

  1. Fold a handkerchief into a strip, throw over the neck from behind. In front hang two ends of the same length.
  2. Each of the segments of the scarf is turned clockwise, forming a flagellum.
  3. Each flagellum back and wrap several times.Fix using an ordinary knot.

How beautifully to tie a voluminous long scarf around the neck is clearly visible in the diagram.


The double harness from the scarf looks elegant and extravagant on the neck.


How beautiful to tie a small square scarf around your neck? You need to do the following:

  1. Fold a handkerchief, in which all sides are equal, diagonally. Get a triangular canvas. From it you need to make a strip by tightly folding to the center.
  2. Throw a handkerchief across the neck, its ends should hang in front. Put one piece on the other and pass one of the ends into the resulting loop. Do the same with the second segment, passing it through the same loop, but in the opposite direction.
  3. Wrap the scarves several times on each side. Straighten.


In the center for decoration, you can attach a small brooch.


Tying a scarf around your neck with an accordion, you can safely choose calm outfits, in which there are no “screaming” details.

For this you need:

  1. Fold a scarf harmonica.
  2. Throw it over the neck, holding it in the shape of an accordion. If it falls apart, tying a knot in this way will not work.
  3. Tie a bow, as in the diagram.Straighten the loose ends of the scarf, folded harmonica.


The result will be a voluminous bow of a scarf folded in accordion.

Silk rose

To create a silk rose, you will need to tie a short scarf around your neck:

  1. Lay the canvas on the table and tie the opposite ends into a knot. In this case, the wrong side should be inside.
  2. Loose ends in a loop formed crosswise.
  3. Straighten the knot, tie the ends around the neck


Square knot

Before you beautifully tie a small scarf around your neck, you should choose a wardrobe. If the jacket with a collar or it has a deep cut, a square knot will do. It is created using the following technique:

  1. Fold the shawl in the same way as in the previous version. The result is a strip of a certain width. In this case, it is sufficient to make it about 5–10 cm wide.
  2. Put the scarf around your neck so that its ends hang down in front. One side should be a little more. Cross both sides by overlapping one another.


  3. Thread one end of the shawl into the resulting loop. The longest part is to be shortened and removed from the opposite side. Move parallel.Then take it back and pull it twice.


It remains to give the scarf volume.


A handkerchief on the neck, tied according to the technique of the sliding knot, looks pretty good. It goes well with a blouse collar or a boat neckline.

Step by step the process of creating a sliding knot from the scarf on the neck looks like this:

  1. Make a strip of scarf. Span across the neck from behind, one segment hanging in front, should be shorter than the other.
  2. Cross both sides of the scarf. Wrap the strip around a short section and move through a long one. In the resulting loop, stretch the long part of the kerchief.


  3. A loop formed again. Now it remains to stretch a long section and straighten down.


How to tie a two-color scarf?

Before you beautifully tie a scarf around your neck, you need to choose two accessories of different colors. It is important that they are harmoniously combined with each other, as well as fit to the shade of the wardrobe.

Beautifully tie a neckerchief as follows:

  1. Take two scarves in different colors and twist them together. The ends of each connect together. Throw around the neck in such a way that the loose ends are hanging back.


  2. Cross and pull the ends of the scarves forward and twist at a level just above the chest. Tie in a knot.


On a note! Especially beautiful will look scarves scarves of different colors, but made from the same material.

Professional Tips

If you choose the right accessory, you can drastically change your image, become more feminine.

Importanttake into account the texture of the scarfand pay attention to how it is in harmony with the rest of the wardrobe. When using different textures of clothing and a scarf to achieve the desired effect will be quite difficult.

Also be sure topay attention to shapes and colors, properly combine them with their own appearance. Even the most expensive accessory that fits one woman may not suit another. And, on the contrary, a low-key shawl that does not attract attention, being on the shelves of the store, will best emphasize the individuality, make the image complete.

Concerningway of wearing, you need not to be afraid to experiment, choosing the option that suits you best.

In general, the following rules should be followed:

  • If the scarf comes as a supplement to the strict suit, it is advisable to choose the soothing colors of the accessory (blue, gray, pink and others).
  • To create a vivid, memorable image, you need to choose a scarf of appropriate shades that will attract attention.
  • To create a discreet look, you can also wear a bright scarf, but it should be in harmony with clothes.

Guided by these recommendations, always be able to look charming.

On a note! For decoration, it is important to use a beautiful brooch. It will help not only to make the image even more beautiful, but also will serve as a fixer, holding the ends of the scarf.

Video: how to tie a scarf around your neck

There are many ways to tie a beautiful scarf around your neck. Each woman can easily choose for themselves the best option. It’s so simple to look irresistible, just add a stylish accessory to your wardrobe.

In the video below you can see the most common ways to help beautifully tie a scarf around your neck.

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