How can I quickly open a suitcase with a combination lock?

Suitcase - an indispensable thing for travel and travel. Sometimes there is a need to put something important or valuable into it, but there is no opportunity to keep it in sight. In this case, the combination lock will help. He will protect the thing from hacking, and the owner from experiences. But what to do if in a hurry, you entered the code, and then forgot it? The main thing - do not panic, and read our recommendations.

Sim Sim, open up!

A specialist will be able to quickly and easily solve this problem, but then you will have to purchase a new lock, and perhaps even a suitcase. Therefore, you can start with more humane methods:

  • Selection Often, the code consists of 3 digits, and if the selection process didn’t manage to remember the combination, you should carefully look at the numbers. If one digit is chosen correctly, in its part of the lock, it will be visible not a code wheel, but a small lumen of the mechanism itself. When the code is fully matched, the lock will open. It can take a lot of time, but it will preserve the integrity of your thing with the code.

You can also try to slightly hold down the opening button and start turning all the wheels.As soon as one of them stops, continue doing the same with the others until the desired combination is formed.

Cheap locks can try to open by ear. To do this, close your eyes, and in the maximum silence gradually rotate the wheel. As a rule, at the right place you can hear a quiet click or feel a smoother wheel. But, alas, this option does not work with expensive models.

  • Breaking. Maybe you can manage without the help of a specialist. If it is a built-in lock, to which a key is needed, and it is lost, then a screwdriver, a nail file or a knife will come to the rescue. They need to pry the latch and open the suitcase. You can also do with the mounted "guard" of luggage. And if he does not succumb, then pliers who will “bite” the latch will certainly help.

By the way, luggage with padlocks is stolen most often, so think before you buy such a thing.

  • Through the zipper. If you do not regret the money for its replacement, you can pierce the zipper with something sharp, and gently open around the perimeter.
  • Change code. They were already about to close the lid, and suddenly realized that they had forgotten the coveted code. Do not hurry.Find a place where the lock is attached to the bag, and unscrew the bolts with a screwdriver, remove the cover and see the mechanism. Your task is to put the wheels in such a way that the serifs are located horizontally. Now you can look at the numbers - that's the combination you forgot. If you are afraid that you will forget it again, change it to a new one.

As for the premium items, it’s better to contact the master. But, in order to avoid unpleasant situations, it is better to grab with you at least a receipt from the airport so that you will not be caught stealing. Independent attempts to open baggage, especially with the help of mechanical methods, can harm expensive items.

Let your luggage be in integrity and safety, and trips bring only pleasure!

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