How can you protect yourself from the evil eye and the negative impact?

For many years, scientists have never tired of arguing about whether all these little-understood phenomena exist or are simply invented by all craftsmen. And each time the probability of a response outweighs one or the other, never dwelling on any of the options.

Most people are skeptical of the evil eye, damage or curses, staying on the sidelines, because it is difficult to believe in what is not proved and really cannot be explained. However, sometimes in life there are such situations in which, willy-nilly, you begin to think about the real existence of such things.

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At such moments, people begin to look for ways to protect themselves from the evil eye or, if it is too late, how to get rid of it, because all other means do not help. Because of ignorance of how to cope with the situation, people begin to seek help from sorcerers and fortune-tellers who pledge to help them, of course, for a moderate fee.

But, unfortunately, most of the existing "magicians" are hardly such, because the gift of clairvoyance and healing is a very rare phenomenon that cannot be found in every city and village. But you can try to cope with the evil eye with your own efforts, you just need to make a little effort.

What is the evil eye?

Before dealing with such a phenomenon, it is necessary to understand the very concept, to understand what it means and by what symptoms one can understand that this has happened to you or your loved ones.

It is believed that a person is surrounded by an invisible biofield, which by its strength protects its owner from external influences: diseases, adversities and other dangers. The entire work of the internal organs depends on its state, and if another energetic field, more powerful, begins to negatively affect it, then an energy hole is formed in it. These are breakdowns and must be eliminated, and even better prevented.

What are the signs of the evil eye?

How can you deal with what you do not understand and do not know how it can manifest? If a person is still jinxed, then the signs can be very different, for example,the general emotional and psychological state of a person is disturbed, a feeling of weakness and depression is lost, the desire to live and do something is lost, attacks of aggression and inexplicable anger, tearfulness and constant discontent can occur.

If the evil eye was strong, then body ailments can be added: problems in the digestive tract, temperature and headache, and in elderly people - sudden pressure drops, heart pain.

In general, the evil eye is attributed to the most common and primitive magic, because even a man who does not suspect it at all, unconsciously, can jinx it. However, there are "knowledgeable" people who have the ability to impose damage or the evil eye, even at a distance, such a clot of energy has more power than in the unconscious case.

You can jinx when you raise the voice of another person, swear, by the way, in this way, very often the parents smooth their children without even waiting for it. It is believed that children and women are the most defenseless before the evil eye, but at the same time, it is a woman who can impose the most powerful evil eye.

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Each person has his own energy protection, but children under one year of age do not have such protection at all, they use the mother’s biofield, but this happens partially, so this is sometimes not enough.

During this period of life, the little man is still very sensitive to bad energies, therefore there are such folk customs, following which, it is better not to show the child and his photos to all relatives and little-known people.

The same applies to a pregnant woman, during childbirth and childbearing, she spends a large amount of strength and energy, so in this position you should be afraid of all sorts of evil eyes and bad looks, hiding your interesting status as much as possible.

How can a pregnant woman protect herself from the evil eye?

If you are in an interesting position and are afraid of the evil eye, then you can prevent this effect on the body, you just need to resort to little tricks.

This is especially true of those moments when a pregnant woman will have to be in a large gathering of people who probably know about her situation. This could be a holiday, family anniversary or any other event.

Of course, it’s best to avoid such events altogether, but if it doesn’t work out, then you can, for example, resort to the old, but reliable, method with a pin. There is an opinion that, thanks to its closed form, a pin can become a trap for evil energy. It is best to pin her from the wrong side of clothes in the heart area.

It is good if the wrought iron pin, as it is able to “absorb” negative charges of energy. In general, you can hang yourself with all sorts of brooches, beads and earrings, they are able to reflect the attention of others, it is better that they also include wrought iron. By the way, this method can be used not only by pregnant women, it is also suitable for all other people, especially for children.

Very often, pregnant girls are afraid of the evil eye at the wedding, because when the bride is already in position, this often causes discussion and, at times, disapproval. To do this, you can bandage the tummy under the dress with a red ribbon or thread. In general, it is believed that the red color pushes away all sorts of evil looks and evil eye, you can wear red underwear or some element in clothes.

What amulets from the evil eye exist?

It is best not to treat the already affected energy field, but to be able to prevent such unpleasant phenomena. For this, there are many amulets that help protect themselves from negative negative energies.

For example, stones possess strong abilities that protect against the evil eye. The most common are: cat's eye, moonstone, tiger's eye, agate, malachite and others.

You need to choose for yourself one that will really suit you. To do this, when buying a stone, hold it in your hand, feel what is happening inside you, if you feel harmony and peace, then this is your stone, you can get it.

It is necessary to know that the stone will serve correctly, only when you communicate with him, not necessarily out loud, mentally communicate with him and ask for protection, it is better to keep it in your hands at this time. The stone should always be on the person, touching his skin, and from time to time it should be cleaned of negative energy - just put it in water, and then it should be poured away from the house.

It is also believed that you can wear a small round mirror in the breast pocket, it must be necessarily turned by the reflecting side outward.Such an attribute can dispel all the negative that comes from the outside world towards your body.

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