How can you protect yourself from thieves?

Often you hear stories from friends or strangers that they were robbed by pickpockets or burglar thieves. However, they do not think much about the fact that perhaps they have unknowingly contributed to the theft and associate themselves with the victim.

The safety of his home and his pocket sometimes begins to disturb a person only when such unpleasant situations have already happened to him or his family, and caution and attentiveness have saved people from intruders more than once.

That is why you need to know how to protect yourself from thieves in order to reduce the likelihood of robbery to a minimum.

How to secure a home?

Typically, apartment thieves ply in the summer, when many leave for a holiday to the country - according to statistics, the largest number of apartment robberies takes place from June to September. It is worth noting the most frequently committed time of thefts - weekends from 9 to 12 in the morning. Statistics also show that every 5 minutes someone's house is being robbed.

Apartment thefts are usually committed on a tip-off - either by people familiar with the owner, or, oddly enough, unconsciously by him. There are several ways to protect the apartment:

  1. It is worth paying attention to the front door - it should not stand out among the rest with luxury and wealth of decoration.
  2. Next, you need to check whether there are tall trees near the windows and whether fire escapes are located. All this increases the risk of theft.
  3. Since the easiest way to open an apartment is the key, you should not leave it or a spare copy in prominent places either in your own home or next to it (for example, under a rug or above the door frame).
  4. Do not sign the door key fob with the last name, address or contact phone number - so pests can easily find the object of interest.
  5. It is better if the entrance door is double, and one will open inwards, and the second - out. According to experience, intruders most often knock out reinforced doors with a box together, so it also needs to be strengthened with special pins made of metal.
  6. Many experts advise embedding unpopular models of locks, to which the master key steals up more difficult.It is advisable to install not one, but two locks, located at least 15 cm apart. You can even slightly correct their appearance, so that thieves could not guess the castle system. The thickness of the lock should not be more than half the thickness of the door leaf, as a result of a strong blow such a door may break. Specialist advice is often sharpened on how to secure the door from the inside: put a bolt, latch or chain.
  7. It is very important to choose the trusted firms that install locks or doors - often the workers of these organizations are the gunner.

Separate conversation deserve the windows, especially on the first and second floors - they must be equipped with gratings. Such devices will save the last floors from the penetration of bandits, "climbers."

As for the installation of the alarm system, this is still one of the most reliable ways to protect yourself from burglars. To activate this service, one visit to the ATS is usually sufficient.

Of course, this is worth the extra monthly expenses, but the police arrive pretty quickly after the signal is triggered.By the way, conventional signaling “howler” is also effective. The market now presents other interesting models - for example, a sound that simulates dog barking or walking around the house.

I would like to remember about the neighbor's support, which will never be superfluous - you can put a lattice and an iron door on the stairs together with your neighbors, install intercom or pay for a concierge. All this reduces the risk of thieves in the home.

In addition, if the neighbors know each other, all strangers immediately catch the eye - that is why thieves prefer to wield in new buildings, where people have not had time to get acquainted with each other.

But what to do for the safety of your home at a household level:

  • close the windows and the balcony before leaving the house;
  • when leaving, turn the radio on a medium or quiet volume;
  • upon returning home, it is recommended to close the curtains first, and then turn on the light;
  • should not be left in the door notes, and if you lose your keys, you must immediately change all the locks present;
  • when you leave for some time, you can create a “presence effect” - leave the light in a room, ask a neighbor to water the flowers and pull the correspondence from the mailbox.If the trip is planned for a long time, it is better to take the valuables to your relatives or rent a storage cell in the bank.

You can also build a cache at home, but the place for him should choose the most unexpected. It is better to bypass the traditional tricks, such as garbage cans, drains and skirting boards, books and bed linen. Before departure, it is recommended to fix and photograph the rooms of valuable equipment, antiques, paintings and make an inventory of the property in the house. If there is a theft, it will be easier to navigate and find stolen items.

Some people prefer to use unexpected tricks - for example, write a letter to the attackers that there are no valuable things in the apartment, and attach some money to it. Other methods, such as traps and poisoned food left in a prominent place, are not recommended, since this can turn into a punishment for the owner himself.

If possible, you shouldn’t allow strangers into your apartment at all - often thieves first assess the situation, so when visiting strangers it’s better to immediately request their documents.

Also, fears should be caused by the fact that there is a fragment of a match, string or other similar things in the doorway - this means that someone has aimed at the apartment. When submitting an ad for the sale of valuables, it is recommended not to specify at what time it is better to call, or even better to use an intermediary for these purposes.

Many are also advised not to spread their income, as the thefts are often committed by the familiar children of the owners. You should look at suspicious and unfamiliar people near your home, remember their height and appearance.

How to protect yourself from pocket robbery?

Unlike apartment buildings, pickpocketing is committed at any time of the day or night and in any place where people accumulate in one way or another - pickpockets roam among the markets and shopping complexes, in transport and in stadiums. To protect yourself from pickpockets, you should follow these rules:

  • try not to show strangers money or gadgets that are with you;
  • in crowded places, carry a bag fastened and only in front;
  • it was very difficult to get the wallet so far to get to it;
  • do not leave your belongings on the territory of the self-service store, they should always be in sight when choosing and fitting purchases;
  • during a visit to a cafe or restaurant, the wallet should not remain in the pockets of outer clothing, and personal belongings should always be near so that the thief can not replace them;
  • if on the street or in public places the same person who causes suspicion constantly meets, it is necessary to keep from it as much as possible further and at an opportunity to leave from its prosecution.

If the crime did happen, you must immediately call the police. The sooner it is reported about thieves-intruders, the more likely it is that they will be found and brought to justice.

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