How do dolphins sleep?

Angelica Artemyeva
Angelica Artemyeva
July 11, 2012
How do dolphins sleep?

The question of how dolphins sleep, deserves special attention. The fact is that dolphins belong to the class of mammals, and all members of this class must sleep for a certain part of the day. Moreover, it is assumed that during deep sleep the animal is mainly in a state of immobility and loses control over its body. But such a dream is simply impossible for a dolphin. Dolphins must constantly rise to the surface to take their next breath of air.

Observations on these animals have shown that dolphins never remain in complete immobility, they constantly rise to the surface from time to time. So do they sleep at all?

Of course, the dolphins are sleeping. But unlike other mammals, including humans, dolphins during sleep do not turn off both hemispheres of the brain, but only one - the second one is awake, after which they change. Active - falls asleep, and the one that has already “slept” - carries its guard.Such a dream ensures the safety of the animal and body control, so that during deep sleep the dolphin can continue to breathe in the mode it needs.

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